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Ben Toone

Assistant Content Producer, BBC College of Production

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  1. College of Production Round Up: Earth Unplugged

    This week, one assistant producer’s journey from traditional TV to YouTube, how a West London community station is reaching its audiences through new digital platforms, and how to choose and use the perfect image online in the return of our Twitter Q&As.

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  2. College of Production Round Up: Crimewatch, Real Madrid, You Tube and Twitter

    In this film, assistant content producer Steven Green explains how he manages the show’s Twitter account and web pages around the live show, feeding information to detectives working on the cases as well as keeping appeals

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  3. College of Production Roundup: Make the most of YouTube and online drama with a culinary twist

    From making the content short and snappy to maintain the audience’s attention to collaborating with other YouTubers, making best use of features such as annotations and playlists and their preferred equipment to use - with YouTube pushing to take on TV and be the place that people come to watch ...

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  4. College of Production Roundup: Sound of 2013 and writing for online

    I’m Ben Toone, assistant content producer at the BBC College of Production (CoP) website. Our site is a free online learning resource for the radio, television and online production community offering videos, podcasts and articles from broadcasting innovators and experts.

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