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Dave Price

Head of BBC iPlayer, Programmes and On Demand, BBC Future Media

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  1. BBC iPlayer launches on Windows Phone 8

    A couple of months ago, Cyrus Saihan announced that BBC iPlayer would be coming to Windows Phone [link to previous blog]. I’m now pleased to announce that that day has arrived and for the first time BBC iPlayer is available on Windows Phone 8 devices.

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  2. BBC iPlayer on mobile

    I'm Dave Price, head of BBC iPlayer. Last month I wrote about iPlayer’s record breaking festive period with incredible performance driven by new mobile and tablets

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  3. Christmas 2012 on BBC iPlayer

    I'm Dave Price head of iPlayer here at the BBC. Christmas is always a highlight of the TV calendar. If you're anything like my family, after a long Christmas dinner and a busy day unwrapping presents we gather around the telly watching the celebs on Strictly or the drama from Albert Square....

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  4. Android: An update

    The BBC launched the BBC Media Player for Android nearly three months ago. Since then it has been downloaded to more than one million Android phones and tablets. In this short period of time we've witnessed a dramatic change in the Android platform and in BBC usage on the platform. When we l...

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  5. BBC iPlayer October Performance

    I'm Dave Price the head of BBC iPlayer and we've just published our monthly iPlayer performance pack for October. We thought the Olympics was the highlight of the year but I'm delighted to tell you that we have broken the 200-million-requests-per-month mark, with 213 million requests for TV an...

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  6. Desktop BBC iPlayer: Flash Player upgrade

    I'm Dave Price and the head of BBC iPlayer. I wanted to update you on a minor upgrade my team are making to the media player on BBC iPlayer and what this change will mean for some of you. We're upgrading our media player for two principle reasons. Firstly, so that the BBC can continue to of...

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