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Andrew Pipes

Executive Product Manager, Sport & Olympics 2012, BBC Future Media

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  1. Your new BBC Home: Introducing the new homepage

    Your new BBC Home: Introducing the new homepage

    The BBC Homepage exists to bring that rich variety to visitors of But until recently, it lacked the flexibility to pull all that variety together for our audience. As of today, visitors registering with us can choose from more than 40 new collections - each tailored to their interests.

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  2. BBC Homepage on mobile: update

    BBC Homepage on mobile: update

    The big carousel has been improved, especially for tablet users, but it still causes some of you problems

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  3. Upcoming changes to BBC Homepage

    Upcoming changes to BBC Homepage

    It’s been three years since we last updated the look and feel of the BBC’s Homepage. In that time, most of the BBC’s websites have adopted a responsive web design approach

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  4. BBC iWonder: Introducing Interactive Guides

    For pictures with a dense amount of information on them, such as infographics, it’s important not just to resize a smaller version of a big image, but to load in a completely different image that’s best for that screen.

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  5. BBC Food: Your Favourites

    Today we are announcing some changes to how you can bookmark recipes on BBC Food. This blog post outlines the changes and the reasons behind them.

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  6. Knowledge & Learning's Connected Studio brief

    Hi I'm Andy Pipes, executive product manager for Knowledge & Learning at the BBC. Knowledge and Learning (K&L) is a new product in the BBC Online portfolio. When complete, it will exist as a standalone property while also connecting...

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  7. Olympic Favourites

    Hi I'm Andy Pipes, and I lead the product development for the Sport Olympics website. Today we're launching "Olympic favourites", a way to personalise your experience of the Olympic Games. With one click you can keep up to date with the latest news and stats from any athlete, country or olympic ...

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