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Welcome to Have Your Say

10:45 UK time, Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Welcome to Have Your Say, where we aim to offer you a platform to discuss and debate key stories making the news agenda.

If you want to leave your own comments, you will need to sign in using BBC iD.

Comments left on these posts will be moderated. We aim to include as many comments as we can, so please try to keep your comments concise and relevant to the particular topic of that post, and help us keep the discussions accessible, safe and acceptable for all.

We will apply the BBC house rules as criteria for publishing or rejecting comments. If you see a post you feel is inappropriate, alert us by using the "complain about this comment" link. Please tell us which house rule you think it has broken and our moderators will make a decision on whether to remove the comment. BBC-wide terms and privacy conditions also apply.

Leaving a comment on the blog is not the same as making a formal complaint. To do that, please do so via

If you want to make a more general comment about our services, you can contact Newswatch.

If you would like to suggest a topic for future discussion you can also do so here.

And don't forget, we are always keen to hear from you if you have seen or been involved in a news event yourself - here are the best ways to contact us with your stories, photos and video.

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