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Day 2... Things Get Serious.

Greg James | 07:26 UK time, Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Hi. This is short and sweet. Sorry to sound pathetic - but we're genuinely ruined. This is tougher than we ever thought. 


Greg James and Chelsee Healey Rapids



Today was a horrible reminder of how dangerous this river is if things go wrong. Dara and Philips got caught in a current and swept down the wrong channel in the river, capsized, clung on to trees, lost their paddles and were unreachable for over an hour. 

It was one of those moments where even the guides and support team were worrying. Everyone's faces became suddenly very serious and rescue boat were called out. It was a stark reminder of the perils of this challenge - which up to this point had been relatively calm. 

We're all knackered, Jack's kit floated away, and I had an on air breakdown with Huw a few hours ago. We just need sleep. And a shower.

Honestly the only thing that got us through today was the reminder of why we're doing this - raising money for people who really need it out here in Africa, and also your wonderful donations and messages. You're making a huge difference so THANK YOU for your support.

Despite all the drama though, Chelsee's false eyelashes are STILL hanging in there.


Chelsee Healey Zambezi



We've just been told that we're spending tomorrow morning in a local village. One of the villages that Comic Relief money will go to. The nearest school is a 7km walk away. It's poverty stricken and basic and has 165 beautiful kids in it and we're going to meet them tomorrow. I have a feeling this will make the stupid challenge seem completely worthwhile. 

Good night.

I'm a mess x

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  • Comment number 1.

    I got a bit emotional for you listening to you on Huw. In life there are some amazing people who put smiles on faces and fuzzy belly feelings... you definately qualify as one of them. I never usually comment on things ( far too cool ;) ) but i thought it was well deserved. x x


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