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Refuse to Lose

Greg James | 13:38 UK time, Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I told you about this incredibly rousing and memorable song for the Olympics last week.  I feel like this is a tune which has been overlooked - until now.

I feel so strongly about it, that I decided to get in on the action.  Literally. I've put myself in the video.

If any of Team GB are reading this - this is for you, baby.

Feel free to pass this to any friends caught up in Olympics fever...


Greg James | 11:55 UK time, Monday, 23 July 2012

I spent the last 2 weeks here:

...the weekend here:

(as a guest on Test Match Special with Jonathan Agnew on Saturday afternoon *clang*. Proper boyhood dream)

...and here:

I'm now here:

...and it's a delight to be back on the wireless at 4pm today.  Hope you're all well lovely people!

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