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Caption competition...

Greg James | 14:01 UK time, Thursday, 31 May 2012

This is my dear friend and colleague Gary Pounder.

Captions to go with this photo please.  The best one will win a special prize*






*Please note, there is no prize

I want to go on a lads night with Flo Rida...

Greg James | 11:52 UK time, Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hello there lovely people, as the weather is better (for a few days at least) I thought I'd go through a few bits that I'm obsessing over at the moment.  If you've been listening to me for a while, you'll know that along with my folky/singer songwriter stuff, I like a mixed bag - so here we go.  Variety is the spice of life isn't it.

Click on the titles for little links to the videos.  Look how clever I'm being with all the internet stuff.  Take THAT technology!

Alt-J - An Awesome Wave

Give this a try if you want something thoughtful and a bit different.  I love an album that I can get a bit pensive with - this is perfect for that.  If you like Wild Beasts and bands like Everything Everything (even a bit of Maccabees/Foals in a way) then go for this.  Sounds lovely in the sun too. A good holiday album.  The best track for me is 'Taro'.  A beaut.

Maybe listen to this album whilst on holiday here:

Flo Rida - Whistle

I have a love-hate thing going on with this chap.  I always think I'll hate his songs because the music snob in me tries to come out but I end up loving them.  It's a weird one.  I probably wouldn't listen to his albums but his singles are ridiculously big and in the right atmosphere (ie. drunk) - perfect pop dance stuff. No room for snobbery here.  It does the job so well.  I also think me and him should go for a lads night out and walk into a cluuuuub exclaming: 'So many girls in here, where do I begin...'

Porter Robinson - Language

Talented 19 year old DJ/Producer called Porter Robinson has created a huge summer hands in the air anthem.  Can't stop playing this at home at the moment and you might recognise it as the music I use at the start of every show. 

Hi guys, not sure if you've noticed but...

Greg James | 14:22 UK time, Thursday, 24 May 2012 car um like yah is like so small yah that like I've parked it totally the wrong way round even though it could have like probably like totally fitted the normal way.


It's been a while...

Greg James | 13:09 UK time, Monday, 21 May 2012


Oh my oh my, I am so sorry it's been so long since the last blog. There are no excuses - it's a poor effort. We've been working our little cotton socks off on the new timeslot so this often gets left till last. Bad of me.

But anyway, I hope you're all well.  I'm really enjoying the new time of the radio show - hope you lot are.  Been popping along to loads of gigs too; DJ Fresh and JAY Z and Kanye on Friday.  It was absolutely unreal. I defy anyone to not enjoy watching those two masters together on stage.  Watching them actually made me feel cool.

When Kanye did 'Good Life', I couldn't cope - it was a special night.  And JAY Z is actually the coolest person on the planet.  H to the izz O, V to the izz A.

G to the R izzo, E to the G izzay.  Yeah, doesn't really work.

Surprise Jurassic Park...

Greg James | 13:47 UK time, Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Following on from my surprise Shakespeare on public transport a few weeks back and this incredible effort of surprise Titanic from these girls - we have a NEW ONE!

Thank you to Nat and Lucy for this wonderful effort.  In their email they say:


My parents are still so proud...

Greg James | 14:47 UK time, Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I went home on Sunday to see my mum and dad and went into my old bedroom  and my mum had found something I'd made at school and put it up.

Firstly why did she feel the need to put it up?  And secondly - why did I ever make this?!

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