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Lady Gaga - the interview...

Greg James | 11:16 UK time, Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I am a lucky boy.  I got to have Lady Gaga on my show yesterday live on the phone from her hotel room.

She told me she was wearing nothing but black underwear, I asked her about the rumour that she might be Elton's kid's Godmother, and that she had created a new race of people - or something like that.  I kind of lost the thread of that particular bit of the conversation. 

Listen to the interview HERE

She was lovely though and it was quite surreal to talk to her.  I managed to give her a brand new idea for her next costume, and even tried to flog her a Midsomer Murders boxset.

Here she is looking all kooky in the Live Lounge:


  • Comment number 1.

    She looks like my grandmother in this picture , its about time people think before they blame something on fashion fashion is not a sickness so please next time you say its artsy make sure we don't say its crazy.


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