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Nearly 1,000 second home voters purged

Graham Smith | 07:20 UK time, Thursday, 7 April 2011

My thanks to Cornwall's election officials for confirming that so far this year, 947 people who were eligible to vote in last year's general election have been purged from the register.

They were deleted as part of the campaign to cross-reference the electoral register with the separate register of people who claim a council tax discount.

Cornwall Council won't give me further details, but if we average that countywide figure of 947 across the six Parliamentary constituencies, we get the potential for 158 illegally-cast votes in each. Making marginal seats now seem even more marginal.


  • Comment number 1.

    '...947 people who were eligible to vote in last year's general election have been purged from the register.'

    Surely if they have been 'purged' they were not 'eligible to vote', Mr Smith.

  • Comment number 2.

    A major question mark therefore hangs over the Camborne & Redruth result.

    Does it not?

    Perhaps our Cornwall & Scilly Chief Election Returning Officer, Kevin Lavery, will honour his obligation to the democratic will of the people of Cornwall & Scilly and responsibility for ensuring 'free and fair' elections in Cornwall & Scilly by re-scrutinising all votes cast in that particular constituency - which was 'won' by a margin of only 66 votes by Mr George Eustice.

  • Comment number 3.

    My thanks to councillor Alex Folkes for pointing out that these 947 individuals voluntarily surrendered their place on Cornwall's electoral register once the council had drawn the requirements and obligations of the law to their attention. Their names were then deleted from the register.

  • Comment number 4.

    "A major question mark therefore hangs over the Camborne & Redruth result."

    Perhaps not "major", as the 66 votes were between Conservative and Liberal, a minor "question mark" considering.

    Less of a "question mark" over the "next best", result (Labour), almost 9,000 behind, and no "question mark" at all when considering Mebyon Kernow, 15,000 adrift. I wouldn't imagine that even the nationalists would say there were that amount of "multiple-home-owners" in the Camborne and Redruth Constituency.

  • Comment number 5.

    So, Mr Smith, these appear to be the figures to date:
    'Voluntary' ineligible electoral roll registrants removed = 00,947
    NON-Voluntary ineligible electoral roll registrants removed = ??,???
    TOTAL ineligible electoral roll registrants removed = ??,???

    We appear to have an incomplete picture.

    Now, making full use of your BBC support systems and while ascertaining the missing figures for Cornwall & Scilly above, you may wish to write to ALL of the Chief Electoral Registration Officers across the UK to get their figures for purged 'ineligible voter registrations' for all other 644 Westminster UK Parliament constituencies. And thereby
    be able to ascertain the extent to which the AV v FPTP Referendum proposed for May 2011 is likely to be a BOGUS REFERENDUM producing false voting figures and therefore a false result.

    You may wish to ask the Electoral Commission:
    1.How many electors are registed on UK electoral rolls?
    2.How many (such as the above) are ineligible and have been removed since the December 2010 canvass?
    3.How many are ineligible and remain to be removed due to registrant challenge or otherwise?
    4.How many AV v FPTP Referendum polling cards have been sent out in total?
    5.How are Chief Election Returning Officers empowered, enabled and equipped to identify and eliminate multiple voting in multiple constituencies across the UK when scrutinising the proposed AV v FPTP Referendum (should it be crazily attempted) ?

  • Comment number 6.

    Here are critical points and questions thrown up by the fundamental flaws revealed about what has been going on in the electoral registers and elections in Cornwall & Scilly and applicable across the UK - and that throw into serious question the integrity of the UK & Northern Ireland AV v FPTP Referendum proposed for May 2011:

    UK Electoral Law currently permits certain categories of voter to register on more than one electoral roll (not necessarily only 2).
    These individuals receive polling cards at or via ALL those locations.
    How many registered electors are there in the UK?
    How many of those are legitimately registered to vote?(see above)
    How many AV v FPTP Referendum polling cards will/would have been sent out by May 2011?
    How do the numbers of legitimately registered voters (see above) compare with the numbers of polling cards issued?
    In these circumstances WHO is going to ensure and GUARANTEE that such a proposed AV v FPTP Referendum is GUARANTEED to be 'One Person-One Vote' when these locations can be across a number of constituencies from one end of the UK to the other in different Chief Election Returning Officer areas of responsibility?
    WHO has the resources,systems and resources to do so?
    Who is going to GUARANTEE that each individual (and properly validated [only Cornwall Council in all of the UK has conducted the exercise highlighted here by Mr Smith]) elector only votes ONCE?


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