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Party like it's 2012

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Gordon Farquhar | 08:00 UK time, Monday, 29 March 2010

Spectators at an Olympic Games tend to judge their success in three ways - how high was the standard of competition, were the various venues easy to get to, from and around, and how good was the party afterwards?

The latter may seem an entirely hedonistic consideration, but it matters. When the hosts create the right atmosphere, and get stuck in themselves, it's infectious.

I'm fortunate to have had a taste of it at the last four summer Games, and the fondness with which I remember each follows the same pattern.

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London must avoid empty seats

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Gordon Farquhar | 16:05 UK time, Monday, 22 March 2010

There is nothing more infuriating for sports fans who are unable to get a ticket for something, then watch the event on TV, than to see great swathes of seats left empty by the sponsors and corporate hospitality clients who either couldn't be bothered to turn up, or weren't interested enough to leave the bar at half time.

It was a problem that plagued the Beijing Olympics, which were a sell-out according to the organisers, who then eventually bussed in "official supporters" to fill up the venues.

There were all sorts of excuses offered, but the bottom line is that every no-show represents a wasted opportunity.

LOCOG's announcement that 75 percent of tickets for the 2012 Games will go on general sale should be welcomed. It's a substantial number but there are some unanswered questions, including the big one "how much?" to which we are promised a reply in the autumn.

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Chester City gone in 30 seconds

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Gordon Farquhar | 19:12 UK time, Wednesday, 10 March 2010

In less than a minute, Chester City were no more.

The winding-up court's a bleak place. It's where dreams end, where people have to plead for understanding, but often have to admit they've failed.

Before Chester got the chop, numerous others, including a property company, an import business and a small sports car manufacturer, all went to the wall.

One director, distressed, begged for more time to pay her tax bill, apologising that having to look after a sick relative was proving too much.

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