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  • Looking back as a Production Apprentice

    “So, what do you do for a job?” people ask - as is one of a few standard questions banked away for spontaneous small-talk with new people you meet – “I point a camera for a living”.

    Well, it is more than just pointing a camera. 30 years ago, I would be three people (a cameraman, soundman and a spark/lighting man) - now I do all of that, as well as facilitate live broadcasts and make stuff for digital and other outlets, for BBC News. I’ve had the privilege of working on some of the biggest stories, filmed most of the royals, been part of some key events like D-Day 75 and worked with most of the BBC’s on-air editors on a whole eclectic mix of projects.
    If someone had told me I’d be doing the job I do now, at the age of 21, I’d have said you were mad.

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  • My Proudest Moment as a BBC Legal Apprentice

    Marjana Uddin

    BBC Paralegal Apprentice

    Where do I begin!
    Having had so much exposure to a wide range of work and opportunities, it’s difficult to pinpoint my proudest moment or achievement on my scheme as there have been so many! For example, in BBC Employment, I attended a tribunal hearing for a case I assisted on and in BBC Studios (formerly BBC Worldwide); I drafted the paperwork for a title which I saw on TV this year. These were early on in my career as an apprentice and moments I was proud of as it enabled me to see my work in action and it demonstrated that the work I do, matters!
    In terms of my studies, I was proud of achieving distinctions in all of my CILEx Law Exams and qualifying as a Paralegal. I was also successful in persuading the BBC to initiate its first ever Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship (which I will soon commence in January 2019), which I was proud of as this route will enable me to acquire a law degree and qualify as a solicitor within 5 -6 years.

    However, 2018 was pretty life changing. On…

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  • Working as a Software Engineering Trainee - Josh Everett

    What are you working on at the moment?

    In my current team, we are developing the BBC iPlayer smart TV app. The most recent feature I have been working on is the creation and release of trailers. These are short, skippable clips promoting to users upcoming and available shows in iPlayer that are shown before a selected episode.

    This was a very exciting feature to develop as it was released to users in different variants, so we can measure how well different implementations of trailers affect our users' viewing behaviour, to inform which variant should be used when the feature is released fully to all users.

    What are you most proud of since starting the Software Engineering Graduate Scheme?

    The piece of work that I’m most proud of so far came from working in the BBC Sport mobile apps team.…

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  • Our Business Management Apprentice's 5 mins of Fame

    Beth Dinnall

    Business Management Apprentice

    I always believed I had the potential to become a manager and leader but knew I didn’t have the tools to get me there. Where I previously worked, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to explore or develop my skills so I needed to find a place that I could do both. So, when I saw the business management apprenticeship advertised, I took my chances, applied and I am so glad I did!

    It’s only been a month and I have already learned so much from those around me. Everyone is willing and eager to help and advise you on how to get where you need to be. What’s more, is that you’re treated like one of the…

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  • Marjana Uddin- Future Solicitor Apprentice & Paralegal and Asian Apprenticeship Awards Finalist!

    Marjana Uddin

    BBC Paralegal Apprentice

    I remember when I received the initial call, I was fast asleep and after waking up an hour later, I checked my phone only to see an unknown number and a voicemail at which point I thought “could it be true”. I rang the number back and having a croaky voice didn’t stop me from shrieking in excitement. I immediately told my mum and we spent about 10 minutes crying but then I had to go back upstairs to revise for my A Level exam.

    My name is Marjana Uddin and I am a future Solicitor Apprentice and Paralegal at the BBC and this is my apprenticeship story;
    During sixth form, I was focused on…

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  • Daisy Haining: What it's like being a Woman in an Engineering Job

    Daisy Haining

    Broadcast Engineering Apprentice

    What is it like being a woman in an engineering job? Absolutely no different to being a man in an engineering job.

    Your technical ability doesn’t depend on your gender and each individual has their own skillset to bring to the table. Within our cohort of broadcast engineering apprentices, we all started from different backgrounds, some straight from school like me and others having previously worked or trained within the industry, so the skill levels were wide and varied – across both the guys and girls. We’ve all had to learn new things and adapt to new situations in work and at university,…

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  • Adam Neal, BBC Wales Apprentice shares his story

    Adam Neal

    BBC Wales Apprentice

    In August 2017, I had an email from the Talent Team for Unscripted Productions offering me an interview for their apprenticeship, I was speechless. To be honest I was unaware of the BBC Apprenticeships that were open at that time. I had originally applied for another apprenticeship and was invited a long to an assessment day that was run by Sgil Cymru. Whilst there I was speaking to some of the…

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  • After her first application for the DJA was rejected, Chanise Evans applied again and now shares her experience of being on the scheme

    Chanise Evans

    Digital Journalism Apprentice

    Just be yourself!

    The biggest misconception about the BBC is that you already know what they’re looking for. The first piece of advice I give to everyone is to just be yourself! We’ll never know what people are looking for; as much as we all think we’re mind-readers. I thought I never stood a chance at working here - especially after my first application for the Digital Journalism Apprenticeship was rejected. But I’m not a quitter, and if there’s anything you can’t be in this industry is a quitter. Just keep trying - it doesn’t matter how many times.

    Do you need experience?

    Experience! Ha, I…

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  • Lex Wilkins, D+E Broadcast Engineering Apprentice of the Year

    Lex Wilkins

    D&E Apprentice

    What inspired you to join the scheme?

    When I was at Sixth Form, I was bombarded by the idea of going to University and once I’d figured out I performed better in practicals than exams in pretty much all of my subjects, I realised it wasn’t for me. I saw the course online and submitted an (admittedly hastily compiled) application minutes before the midnight deadline. A huge part of the appeal was…

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  • 'Overcoming Obstacles' by Georgia Coan, Digital Journalism Apprentice

    Georgia Coan

    Digital Journalism Apprentice

    The moment I found out I’d got a place on the digital journalism scheme in 2016, I was lost for words. I didn’t know if I should cry or scream with excitement. I was on the path to achieving my dream career and I couldn’t be happier. It was the start of a turning point for me.

    The last five years have been some of the most difficult years of my life. In 2013 my life changed forever. I lost my…

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