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  • Carolyne O'Reilly- “I am transgender”

    I joined the BBC as a 37-year-old graduate trainee in 2000 after university, I was a rather mature student, and it was not until January 2019 that I felt I could come out as transgender; for many reasons, although I knew my gender identity was not the same as other boys as young as 6, I just did not know why, as then the World Wide Web was still many years in the future.

    When I told two colleagues/friends at the BBC that I was transgender, there was nothing but support from them, as was the case from all my colleagues/friends at the BBC, and when I first said aloud, “I am transgender”, I just felt happy, as I was finally being true to myself, and with those around me. Also, my relations and friends have been equally supportive, which I am aware sadly is not always the experience other transgender people have encountered.

    Over the last two years my transition has been a gradual process; facial hair removal, voice feminisation speech therapy, presenting fully as female, legally changing…

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  • 'Growing up in Pakistan, I never thought that I'd be working at the BBC' by Rimshah Razzaq.

    When I was growing up in Pakistan, I never thought that one day I'd be working at the BBC. Moving to England was a massive change as a 12-year-old; I had to learn a new language and culture while battling an identity crisis.

    At 16, I wanted to join the army - crazy I know! But my media teacher knew I was made for the broadcasting world and encouraged me to apply for a media apprenticeship. That’s how I ended up working for the BBC. Getting on to the apprenticeship wasn’t easy, you had the application form, assessment day and back then, I spent 3 months in college before being accepted on the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship team are great and one person who supported me was David Longworth.

    I didn’t take the usual educational route most Asian women are expected to take. While on the apprenticeship we had to network and got the chance to meet some of the Talent and Resourcing Managers across the BBC. I remember chatting to the lovely Victoria Roye and a few weeks later I had a…

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  • 'I wanted children but I also wanted my career’ by Bonnie Hastings

    My name is Bonnie, I am 37 and a married mum of two girls who are aged 3 and 4. I am also disabled. I was not born disabled, but about 12 years ago I was diagnosed with a type of inflammatory arthritis (autoimmune disease) called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), and more recently a pain condition called Fibromyalgia. It is a hidden disability which causes chronic pain stiffness and swelling in my joints, muscles and tendons, extreme fatigue and brain fog to name a few. My symptoms are often debilitating and affect not only my spine but my ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. To manage my disability I take a combination of biological injections to lower my immune system to stop it attacking itself, strong painkillers, nerve pain tablets and anaesthetic plasters (pain patches). I also need regular physiotherapy, joint injections and steroid injections.

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  • Apprentice #lockdowndiaries – Emily Saffron, Software Engineer Apprentice

    Hi! I’m Emily Saffron and I started as a software engineer degree apprentice based in London in September 2020. I’ll finish with a degree in digital and technology solutions – as well as 3 years of work experience!

    Of course, my scheme has had to adapt this year. I am yet to enter a BBC building or meet anyone in person. However, this hasn’t left me lonely or unsociable, from the beginning I have…

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  • ‘’Always be your authentic self, it’s more hassle pretending to be someone else’’- Dan O'Brien, Management Apprentice

    ‘’Always be your authentic self, it’s more hassle pretending to be someone else’’

    Hello, My name is Dan and I am a 30 year old apprentice currently working at the BBC on the Chartered Management Degree scheme. Since my scheme began, I have worked in the Children’s department and worked in the TV team with the Media Planning department (Marketing & Audiences).

    When I was told that I had been one…

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  • My first Year as a BBC HR Apprentice- Rebecca Dawes

    Rebecca Dawes

    We caught up with Rebecca, our HR Apprentice to hear how her first year has been, particularly in the middle of a global pandemic.

    1. How has your first year went as an HR apprentice?

    My first year as a HR apprentice has been quite different to how anyone could of expected due to the pandemic however I have still enjoyed every minute! Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work in a…

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  • Harvey Church- Zooming into the BBC

    Harvey Church

    Harvey Church, Broadcast Engineering Apprentice tells us what it's like starting an apprenticeship at the BBC in the middle of a global pandemic.

    When starting the application process late in 2019 to be a broadcast engineer, I never thought I would end up firstly with a job offer and that the entire process would start over zoom.

    On my first day, I spent my first hour learning to wrangle a new…

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  • Be More Dog with our Production Apprentice, Annie

    During lockdown some of us experienced a negative shift in our mental health, due to the imposed restrictions. This got me curious about how our pets were coping. I wondered whether being cooped up inside while their owners worked from home had a negative impact on their mental wellbeing. Naturally I reached out to Henry, the Blue Peter dog, (his owner, actually) to find if she had noticed any changes.
    I wasn’t surprised when she said he was enjoying lockdown. He loved the around the clock attention he was getting, and he was as carefree as he had always been.

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  • My First Year as a Broadcast Operator Apprentice- Katie Bryson

    Katie Bryson

    Hi, I’m Katie and I’m 21 years old. I’m the Broadcast Operator Apprentice based in Media City and I started in September 2019. I’ve wanted to work behind the scenes for the BBC for as long as I can remember. I heard about the Apprenticeship scheme through BBC Get In. I wasn’t successful with my first application and so went to university instead but I didn’t enjoy sitting in lectures all day; I…

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  • Working under quarantine as a BBC Production Apprentice - Aimeé Collett

    Over the first six months of my apprenticeship, I have been very lucky and have been given the opportunity to work in production roles on some amazing BBC shows including Sports Personality of the Year, Football Focus and Final Score, A Question of Sport and also the Festival of Remembrance and the Holocaust Memorial Day with BBC Studios. I was also looking forward to working on some live events during this amazing summer of sport which would have seen the Olympics taking centre stage but, like many other people, this is not now the case.

    How has your role as a BBC Sport Scheduler and an…

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