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New on Genome: Purchase programme

We’re pleased to announce that a new feature on BBC Genome is now available for you to use.

As so many of you write to us asking how to get hold of BBC programmes, we’ve now included links in the BBC Genome listings of opportunities to buy them.

We’ve identified more than 1,000 BBC programmes which you can either download-to-own or buy DVDs. More will be added in the coming months.

Among the much-loved titles already available are Absolutely Fabulous, Doctor Who and Dad’s Army. So if you’re searching through the listings and come across an entry which carries a shopping trolley symbol (see below) it means you can buy it. The trolley logo and an ‘available to purchase’ link indicate that BBC Store and other providers have a copy for sale. Simply click on it and you’ll be taken directly to a place which will offer you the different purchase options.

You can also filter the search results by clicking on ‘programme available’ in Advanced Search and this will only bring up listings which have either programmes to buy or programmes to see or listen to for free on the BBC website. Remember – there are already more than 10,000 of those.

Do contact us via Twitter, Facebook and our email address – if you have any questions, and to let us know how you’re finding the new feature.

The new trolley symbol means you can purchase a programme

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