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Name that cover star

Radio Times covers are all about stars. Hundreds of well-known names have been awarded the privilege of gracing the magazine's front page over the years. 

Here are just five of them from 1988 - they are either extracts or have been blurred out to make it all the more challenging. Each clue contains a link to a relevant programme in the Genome listings.

If it all gets too much, you can find the answers at the bottom of this post. Happy guessing and feel free to leave your comments about these stars and memories about their programmes.

1) This TV personality from the 1980s and 90s was more readily associated with a host of ITV programmes. But he came to the BBC to star in a Saturday night variety show.

2) This personality took a starring role on a January 1988 Radio Times cover to promote a new series on a subject very dear to his heart. Ironically this man always preferred to talk about the stars.

3) Actors and actresses are often Radio Times cover stars, and this person graced the front page in May 1988. This was for a role in a Moliere adaptation on BBC2.

4) This broadcaster needs little introduction. A glamorous portrait was on a 1988 Radio Times cover to mark the return of a long-running show which she will always be associated with.

5) It's June 1988 and the advent of the Wimbledon Championships are featured on the Radio Times front cover. But which tennis star do this pair of pins belong to?


Do you give in? Here are the answers to this week's teasers:

1) Michael Barrymore
2) Barry Norman
3) Nigel Hawthorne
4) Esther Rantzen
5) Pat Cash

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