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Poldark v Poldark

Robin Ellis played the lead role in the first BBC adaptation of Poldark

On Monday it was 40 years since the first episode of Cornish costume drama Poldark took to our screens. We asked our Twitter followers on @bbcgenome if they preferred this incarnation to the "raunchier" reboot starring a smouldering Aidan Turner, which aired earlier this year. Here's a selection of what they said...


@mariaDadd: I fell in love with Poldark when I saw the original all those years ago, and the new version made me fall once again.

@CameronYardeJnr: I think both versions are perfect for the eras they were made in.

@Rockbird86: Original by a country mile. I'm too young to have seen it 1st time round and remake is good but not as good.

@JuliaGulia809: The remake is "raunchy?" People please.

@nois_faida: I prefer the Aidan Turner and I'm old enough to remember the Robin Ellis version.

@RiehlAlice: Don't believe it's "raunchy" at all! Both have pluses and minuses. Both good.

@AidansHair: The Aidan Turner version is closer to the novels.

@coolmarg: It's the opposite of raunchy. It's classy.

@tvmuseum: Tough to bring out the characterisation in fewer episodes, so the original wins on that front. But the new version is great too.


If you'd like to join the debate, please leave comments below or feel free to head over to Twitter.

Aidan Turner played a dark, brooding Poldark in the BBC's recent remake

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