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Advent Calendar Day 12: The Hard Times

John Hilton, a Professor of Industrial Relations, helped create clubs for the unemployed in the 1930s and broadcast a weekly talk for them.

On today's Advent Calendar window, a poignant look at the 1930s Great Depression.

Today John Hilton is going to talk about the little gadgets and fitments an unemployed man can make out of cheap materials with simple tools (in the craft room at the Club if he has no tools of his own) to make the house more cosy and to make things easier for the wife. If he starts at once he can have something ready and the paint nicely dry for Christmas; and what's nicer, Hilton asks, than to give your wife a Christmas present made with your own hands?

This was the Christmas edition of This and That, a programme set up in October 1934 by John Hilton, a professor of Industrial Relations, to be broadcast to listeners in Unemployed Clubs. Listeners said they looked forward to the 20-minutes-long talk "because it distracts as well as instructs. Minds are occupied and interested, and when life is difficult it is good to be able to forget for a moment one's own concerns."

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