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Advent Calendar Day 9: Soap-powder Packet, Wrapping Paper and Glue...

Janet Ellis demonstrating how to do Christmas Tree Cards in 1985.

Prunella and Peter's cupboard bore
No food or presents anywhere,
But a box, a newt and a tube of glue
Make Peter Piper's dreams come true.

No Advent Calendar can be considered complete without a mention of Blue Peter's DIY craft projects in the run-up to Christmas. Christmas cards, tree decorations, a top secret gift for grandparents using only "a soap-powder packet, wrapping paper and glue" (if anyone remembers what this was please let us know), and of course the Advent Crown, dangerously made from wire coat hangers, tinsel and real candles.

You could even use the magazine itself to build a reindeer... 

Do you remember any more of Blue Peter's Christmas DIY projects? Even better... do you have a picture? 

John Noakes lighting a candle of the iconic DIY Advent Crown

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