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List 11: Things to do this year

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Alys Fowler Alys Fowler | 08:36 UK time, Sunday, 26 December 2010

  1. Bake the perfect beetroot cake
  2. Wear my heart inside and less on my sleeve
  3. Eat more green garlic
  4. Add an orchard to the place I love
  5. Make a new path for the allotment
  6. Celebrate another year together
  7. Create a truly beautiful bouquet for mother’s day
  8. Blast a little Talking Heads back into my life
  9. Build a self-watering greenhouse
  10. Perfect Mahonia aquifolium lemonade
  11. Spend less, give away more
  12. Catch up with the weeds
  13. Grow runner beans and sunflowers together
  14. Stockpile on more onions as I really didn’t grow enough
  15. Love my front garden a bit more
  16. Create the perfect allotment shed interior
  17. Smoke a ham and have met the pig first
  18. Learn how to identify more mushrooms
  19. Catch my first fish
  20. Grow more variegated land cress
  21. Start a bulb collection in pots
  22. Learn to candy angelica
  23. Watch the Daubenton kale grow big
  24. Save a lot more seeds
  25. Grow a Jersey walking stick
  26. Teach my niece how to eat more wild things
  27. Wild swim whenever I can
  28. Train some step over apples from scratch for the allotment
  29. Learn a local ghost story
  30. Enter my veg at the local allotment show
  31. Remember that gardening is my hustle
  32. Have a little more moxie about life

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