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Free Thinking : The community

From tenantspin, residents John and Margo

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Thanks and invitation

  • Freethinking
  • 9 Jan 07, 02:40 PM

The 2006 Free Thinking bloggers have all posted their last weblog.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these blogs and made them a place of lively debate.
If you'd like to continue to explore ideas important to how humanity lives now and will live in the future please pay a visit to the BBC's Ethics and Freethought messageboard.

You can still listen to and comment on the debates broadcast from the Nov 2006 festival weekend.
The BBC's Free Thinking Festival will return later in 2007. Hope to see you again then!

Best wishes,
Southendian - Radio 3 Host

Recent entries

  1. The best and worst of TV

    • John McGuirk
    • 15 Nov 06, 02:28 PM

    On Sunday November 12th I sat enthralled as I watched the ceremony of the laying of the poppy wreaths at the Cenotaph in London on TV.

    Remembrance Day, three hours of watching the great and the good paying their respects to the brave ancestors of ours who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.

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  • Liverpool and the slave trade

    • John McGuirk
    • 8 Nov 06, 02:29 PM

    Next year sees the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the notorious slave trade.

    A lot has been written about Liverpool’s involvement in this vile trade.

    Slavery goes right back to the days of the pyramids and the Egyptians.

    However when we move forward to European involvement we must study Liverpool’s part objectively.

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  • To wed or not to wed?

    • John McGuirk
    • 2 Nov 06, 11:04 AM

    A survey among the younger generation of women taken just recently revealed that 32% reckoned that marriage was an outmoded institution and unnecessary.

    In other words who need a piece of paper to consolidate a partnership?

    The state of living out of wedlock was the norm thousands of years ago because obviously marriage was not an issue.

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  • Integrity in business

    • John McGuirk
    • 27 Oct 06, 01:21 PM

    Two items in the press in the last week raise an interesting question mark against big business in this country.

    The big Banks (who else) have been taken to task by the Office of Fair Trading on the issue of insurance relating to repayment of loans which most banks insist on.

    The trading standards people say the insurance cover is not worth the paper it is written on. Now the whole issue of loan protection is being investigated and about time too.

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  • Can technology replace the human brain?

    • Margo Hogg
    • 25 Oct 06, 04:05 PM

    I have been told hundreds, maybe thousands of times, that nobody is indispensable.

    Is this how it will always be?

    Will computers and robots become the rulers of the universe?

    Continue reading "Can technology replace the human brain?"

  • Live and let live

    • John McGuirk
    • 23 Oct 06, 11:26 AM

    Through my association with the Tenantspin community group and being based in the FACT centre in Liverpool I come into contact and work with people from all ethnic groups.

    They have become some of my closest friends and I enjoy being in their company.

    I make this point because of two events recently in the news which have caused a lot of controversy, hence my observations.

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