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Free Thinking : The city

From Liverpool, playwright Esther Wilson

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Thanks and invitation

  • Freethinking
  • 9 Jan 07, 02:39 PM

The 2006 Free Thinking bloggers have all posted their last weblog.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these blogs and made them a place of lively debate.
If you'd like to continue to explore ideas important to how humanity lives now and will live in the future please pay a visit to the BBC's Ethics and Freethought messageboard.

You can still listen to and comment on the debates broadcast from the Nov 2006 festival weekend.
The BBC's Free Thinking Festival will return later in 2007. Hope to see you again then!

Best wishes,
Southendian - Radio 3 Host

Recent entries

  1. Final Words?

    • Esther Wilson
    • 7 Nov 06, 02:42 PM

    After a great weekend of Freethinking in Liverpool I'd like to leave the last word to the Philosophy In Pubs peeps.

    philosophy in pubs
    Vincent Lawrenson-Woods is a computer programmer from Liverpool and has agreed to put something together on the group's behalf. His partner, Luan, is also active in the group. Luan works as a business advisor for an organisation who gives out free business advice to women across Merseyside. Together Vinny & Luan have also been instrumental in setting up Culturepool

    "culturepool brings people together to share the experience of the city's art & cultural events. We regularly visit venues such as galleries, theatres and cinemas throughout the city and then get together afterwards to talk and reflect on the experience."

    In the lead up to the Freethinking festival Vinny very kindly invited me along to an enquiry.

    Below he gives us a flavour of that evening.

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  • 'The Great Make-Over'.

    • Esther Wilson
    • 25 Oct 06, 04:14 PM

    Mandy Romero

    Another guest blogger for your perusal.

    Mandy Romero is a Live Artist, working in the area of transgender and based in Liverpool. She is the self-appointed Liverpool Queen Of Culture and her recent book, “The Great Make-Over”, a free limited edition art-work, can be obtained by visiting her web-site at mandygirl.

    The men are at it again! Ranting across the divides of the world, threatening each other with their dangerous toys, preaching division, or unity as long as it’s their unity.

    Oversensitive, aggressive, self-pitying – why do we bother with them? The answer is ancient – they help make babies.
    It seems that genetic engineering may eventually relieve them of even that useful function.
    It seems to me that as America slowly slides from domination, we are in danger of being crushed under the collapsing body.
    I can see the Bush boys working so, so hard to make masculinity work, and the more they try the less they succeed. “Being powerful is like being a lady, - if you have to say you is, you ain’t”, as I believe Jimmy Hoffa once said.
    And with the realization that violence and coercion aren’t bringing results we have a further male nightmare, the Man As Victim.

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  • Embrace neuro-diversity or adopt genetic cleansing?

    • Esther Wilson
    • 10 Oct 06, 10:34 AM

    I'd like to introduce two guest bloggers.

    Dr. Glynn Thomas - a consultant psychiatrist who has worked for the National Health Service for over thirty years & his wife Andrea Earl -a playwright & also writes for TV.

    Gynn & Andrea hope their blog inspires much freethinking debate.

    As we watch our two year old toddler joyfully playing with his favourite cars and garage set as he utters his first words we are appalled at the existence of state backed mechanisms to cleanse society of his kind.

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  • It transfers very well, in my opinion.

    • Esther Wilson
    • 28 Sep 06, 02:07 PM

    Please check out Rana Dasgupt's latest blog.

    He's posted some amazing photographs by a Chinese artist called Li Wei

    And poses some very interesting, insightful comments.

  • City of ideas

    • Esther Wilson
    • 27 Sep 06, 02:33 PM

    Hope Street festival, and the Anglican CathedralAs Liverpool inches nearer to 'City of Culture' in 2008, how can we ensure that the variety of artistic ventures on offer are 'accessible' to those not usually equated with the arts?

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  • Free to be free

    • Esther Wilson
    • 14 Sep 06, 08:03 PM

    Is peaceful demonstration still a civil right?

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