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Matt Tebbutt answers your questions with Theo Randall and Ken Hom

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James Martin James Martin | 17:36 UK time, Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Last weekend Matt Tebbutt answered your questions with Theo Randall and Ken Hom - hope you enjoy the clip. This coming weekend I'm back in the Saturday Kitchen studio and ready for questions. Ask away!


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Here's a summary of the questions answered in the video clip:

marcecath: I am thinking of making pickled pears, but I've never tasted them. Can you tell me what they are like and some tips on pickling them?

Ken Hom: I would use pears that are not too ripe and do it like pickling cucumbers.
Theo Randall: There’s a great recipe called mostarda di frutta, for which you can use pear. Slice pears that are slightly unripe, put them in sugar syrup, reduce it by half until the pear is cooked, then you put a bit of mustard seed oil in. It’s the most amazing condiment to go with cheese.

sarah: I have tons of sorrel growing in my garden. I've tried eating it in salads but it is very bitter. Do you have any other ideas for what I can use it for other than guinea pig feed?

Ken Hom: I do a tart with egg and crème fraîche which is really good. I also blanch the sorrel and squeeze out all the juice to make it less bitter.
Theo Randall: Crème fraîche is the perfect accompaniment for sorrel. I always love a soup with lentils, crème fraîche and sorrel, maybe with a little spinach for colour as it can go a bit brown. It has a lovely lemony flavour to it, it’s very fresh.

oldchef: Myself and my daughter have only just started cooking. We are making some fresh pasta, I'd like know what is the better method, by hand or food processor?

Theo Randall: If you’ve got big arms, like yours (to Matt), I’d make it by hand, but a machine is the easiest way of doing it. A fail-safe recipe is to use really good quality organic eggs, preferably Italian because their chickens are fed on corn and carrots, which gives the eggs a good colour. I’d use 10 egg yolks to 500g tipo ‘00’ flour and 100g semolina flour. Don’t use water, olive oil or salt.

Here's a clip showing you how to roll pasta dough using a pasta machine.

Bairdy:  I've been wanting to cook roast goose. Do you have any good tricks you use when roasting geese?

Ken Hom: I do it like Peking duck, which means first pour boiling water over the skin and let it dry, then pour soy sauce and honey over the skin and let it dry, before roasting. Then you’ll have a super crispy skin, like Peking duck.
Matt Tebbutt: Sounds delicious.
Theo Randall: Sounds really good.

camillathebadgerminx: I tried to make toffee apples but it went totally wrong, do you have a recipe and some tips on making good toffee apples please?

Ken Hom: When making toffee apples, be careful not to get the caramel too hot, don’t you think?

Theo Randall: If you put an apple into very hot caramel, the skin will split and the moisture will come out, meaning the caramel won’t stick. Make the caramel first, allow it to cool for a few minutes, then dip the apples in.

Matt Tebbutt was the guest presenter of BBC One's Saturday Kitchen on 25 September. Chefs Theo Randall and Ken Hom joined him in the studio.



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