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Raindrops bring out the best in plants

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Production team Production team | 09:30 UK time, Wednesday, 22 July 2009

This year's Tatton soundtrack might have to include: It only happens when it rains, raindrops keep falling on my head, singing in the rain... I could go on, so please let me know if you have any less clichéd suggestions. But, there's no getting away from it, the weather for the build up has been truly appalling. It's been a challenge for the show organisers, garden designers, nursery folk and TV crews alike. High-vis jacket-wearing was extended the full duration of press day yesterday as conditions got muddier.

agrostis_nebulosa_and_astrantia.jpgBut against such odds, they have all delivered a fantastic flower show, sunshine bright with colour. And somehow, against the wet, slate-coloured skies, the plants of high summer seem all the more vibrant. From show gardens to nursery stands, the stars of the show are easily gem-like crocosmias in a glorious range of orange shades from tangerine to gold; flat heads of raspberry ripple achilleas are also stand out performers.

But my favourite plant combination today was the gorgeously delicate Agrostis nebulosa with Astrantia 'Roma' - a fuzzy cloud of bronze grass with jewel-like blooms just peeping through, unfazed by the downpours, raindrops glistening prettily as the sun re-emerged.

Camilla Phelps, Gardening Editor


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