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Rosa López, Johnny Logan, The Olsen Brothers and Anne-Marie David are the latest on our line-up!

It’s day three and you know what that means: four more sensational acts to add to our ‘Eurovision’s Greatest hits’ line-up!

First up is Rosa López, the Spanish Fame Academy winner, who won the chance to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. She came seventh with her song ‘Europe’s Living a Celebration’ and must’ve caught the attention of her country, as the show still holds the highest ratings in the history of all Spanish television with a whopping 80.4% audience share! Rosa has released nine albums since; with seven discs going platinum and four going golden in Spain.

Next up is Johnny Logan, AKA ‘Mr Eurovision’: the man who’s won The Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland not one but three times – the only performer in the world to hold this record! His first win was in 1980 with the song ‘What’s Another Year’ (which later reached number one in the UK); his second in 1987 with ‘Hold Me Now’ (which later became a fan anthem for the Irish Football Club, Bohemian F.C.!); and his third was in 1992, as the songwriter of winning hit ‘Why Me’ (sung by Linda Martin). Johnny has since released an enormous amount of hits, with forty singles and nineteen albums across Europe in total.

The Olsen Brothers, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000 for Denmark. Their song, ‘Fly On The Wings of Love’, sold 100,000 copies in one day alone in Denmark, and they’ve gone on to release twleve albums.

Last but not least Anne-Marie David Luxembourg's triumphant winner from 1973 with the classic 'Tu te reconnaîtras'.

So what do you make of today’s additions to the line-up? We’d love to know! And don’t forget to return tomorrow WHEN TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE! (We’re very excited).