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Rehearsal and Red Carpet

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BBC Eurovision Nora | 11:53 UK time, Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yesterday was a frenetic time for Team Hump, both Engelbert's first rehearsal at the Crystal Hall and the notorious 'Welcome Party' where Eurovision hopefuls are paraded down the red carpet in front of press and a braying crowd of flag-waving fans.

The morning kicked-off with a staging rehearsal at the hotel with Engelbert and Arlene.

Engelbert Humperdinck and Arlene Phillips

Engelbert practices the 'pump fist' move with Arlene

Then it was straight on to the arena where we catch our first glimps of Baku's Crystal Hall.

Scott Mills and Sara Cox

Behold! Scott and Sara present Baku's Crystal Hall

Watch our exclusive video of Engelbert's day and his sizzling pyrotechnic-packed first rehearsal.

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Following Scott Mills and Sara Cox covering the red carpet for BBC Three, it became abundantly clear that Jedward have translated over to an Azeri audience. After arriving to a throng of fans, the pompadour-wearing pair almost didn't make it off their Eurovision bus.

Jedward on Eurovision bus

Jedward making a cry for help

Then the Russian grannies arrived who resplendent in rosebuds and dots, appeared to be dressed by Kath Kidson for the occasion, entertained the crowd with a rendition of "Party For Everybody".

The Russian grannies

Party for everybody. Clearly

And so ended another busy Baku day for Team Hump...


  • Comment number 1.

    Is this a joke???

  • Comment number 2.

    Why have jedward stuck two fingers up to the crowd, dont they want any votes this year.And the singing grannies i hope the good old Beeb dont get any ideas for next year, i can see it now Vera Lynn and the chelsea pensioners doing break dancing and singing a rap song. To be honest thats not a bad idea a sure winner that bring it on, London 2014 they can use some of the olympic venues that will just be standing there rusting away .

  • Comment number 3.

    The 'Hump' as you call him has no chance and will end up near the 'bottom' of the leader-board. Their are much better singers...singer far better songs.

    And BBC viewers will have to put up with the unfair comments from Graham Norton...although he is not as bad as Terry Wogan. Better to watch Eurovision on-line via the Eurovision website.


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