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Eurovision Party shoutouts with Graham and Red Button

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BBC Eurovision Nora | 10:43 UK time, Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hosting a Eurovision party tonight? Want to tell Graham and the UK about it? Tell us where you are watching, what you are doing and a certain Mr Norton may just let millions of viewers across the UK know about your celebration.

So leave a message in the comments area below... or get in touch via @bbceurovison on twitter and facebook.com/bbceurovision.

Your messages may also be featured on our red button service. To get in touch with red button via your phone, insert the word EURO at the beginning of your message and send it to 88822*. Send your party pictures via this text number or tweet them to @bbceurovision.

Eurovision party food

Engelburgers and Humperdrinks, the perfect Eurovision party food

*Text messages will be charged at your standard message rate. Check with your network provider for exact costs.

Ways to watch Eurovision

We have a wealth of ways for you to get involved with our Eurovision coverage this year. On Saturday during the final, Grace Dent will be a hosting a Eurovision party on this very site. Pop by, pull up a pew and tell us what you think of all 26 finalists. Bring your own Humperdrinks though!

If sing-a-long Eurovision is your thing then press red on your TV for the lyrics of each and every song. You can also text in your party pictures and see them appear on screen. We'll also be featuring your comments from our official facebook and twitter sites.

Grace Dent's Eurovision party

Join us for Grace Dent's Eurovision party

Finally, make sure you download our scorecards and Hump posters.

Second Semi Final

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BBC Eurovision Nora | 11:28 UK time, Thursday, 24 May 2012

Crack open the refreshments, scribble on your scorecard, settle back and let the second Eurovision semi-final commence!

We're coming to you live from the UK commentary box here in Crystal Hall in Baku, where Scott Mills and Sara Cox are ready to introduce the next 18 acts hoping to make it through to the Grand Final on Saturday.

If you are having a Eurovision celebration, let us know, as your party shoutouts and comments may be featured on BBC Three during our live coverage.

Scott Mills and Sara Cox in the UK commentary box

First Semi Final

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BBC Eurovision Nora | 13:55 UK time, Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's finally arrived, the first semi-final of Eurovision 2012! We're coming to you live from the BBC Three commentary booth at the Crystal Hall in Baku.

Share your thoughts on all the performances tonight. Or if you're hosting a Euro-party let us know - as YOUR comments might just be read out by Scott and Sara during our live coverage!

The Eurovision commentary booth

Scott Mills' commentary hot seat

Baku's Crystal Hall

And this.... is the AMAZING view of the arena from the commentary box

Remember you cannot vote tonight. The UK will be able to vote on Thursday in the second semi-final.

Rehearsal and Red Carpet

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BBC Eurovision Nora | 11:53 UK time, Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yesterday was a frenetic time for Team Hump, both Engelbert's first rehearsal at the Crystal Hall and the notorious 'Welcome Party' where Eurovision hopefuls are paraded down the red carpet in front of press and a braying crowd of flag-waving fans.

The morning kicked-off with a staging rehearsal at the hotel with Engelbert and Arlene.

Engelbert Humperdinck and Arlene Phillips

Engelbert practices the 'pump fist' move with Arlene

Then it was straight on to the arena where we catch our first glimps of Baku's Crystal Hall.

Scott Mills and Sara Cox

Behold! Scott and Sara present Baku's Crystal Hall

Watch our exclusive video of Engelbert's day and his sizzling pyrotechnic-packed first rehearsal.

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Following Scott Mills and Sara Cox covering the red carpet for BBC Three, it became abundantly clear that Jedward have translated over to an Azeri audience. After arriving to a throng of fans, the pompadour-wearing pair almost didn't make it off their Eurovision bus.

Jedward on Eurovision bus

Jedward making a cry for help

Then the Russian grannies arrived who resplendent in rosebuds and dots, appeared to be dressed by Kath Kidson for the occasion, entertained the crowd with a rendition of "Party For Everybody".

The Russian grannies

Party for everybody. Clearly

And so ended another busy Baku day for Team Hump...

London to Baku

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BBC Eurovision Nora | 23:08 UK time, Friday, 18 May 2012

We've finally arrived in Azerbaijan. What was once a disparate group of BBC producers, presenters and performers is now the official UK Delegation or Team Hump. And this is how we got here...

Scott Mills, Engelbert Humperdinck and Sara Cox

Talent in Terminal One! Scott, Engelbert and Sara

At Heathrow before our six hour flight to Baku the ever-affable Engelbert poses with excitable fans. Only to find out he's also forming part of the in-flight entertainment with a full page spread in the airline magazine.

Engelbert feature in magazine

Life meets art at 2,000 feet

Before landing the captain makes an announcement, wishing Engelbert all the best for his Eurovision bid, the plane errupts with applause. Engelbert resists the temptation to sing "Please Release... The Doors".

In arrivals at the airport Engelbert is greeted by the Azeri press and the curious site of a fleet of London Hackney Carriages, making us feel quite at home.

He's big in Baku too!

"You'll never guess who I had in the back of my cab"

At the hotel it's time to get some rest ahead of Engelbert's first rehearsal on Saturday. Let the Eurovision journey begin. To Baku and beyond!

Engelbert's pass

Accreditation is what you need

Humpy Birthday Engelbert!

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BBC Eurovision Gemma BBC Eurovision Gemma | 08:00 UK time, Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Today is a very special day for Engelbert. It's his birthday! (woohoo)

He already holds the record for being the eldest male Eurovision competitor, and today he celebrates his 76th birthday, the same age as one of the delightful Grannies from the Russian Babushki.

So why not join us in celebrating this momentous occasion?

First up, we're treating this very special blog as an e-card to Engelbert so leave your birthday wishes below and we'll get them to The Hump.

We also have an exclusive video recorded especially for our UK representative with some Eurovision faces both past and present...

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And we'll have lots of other exclusive pictures and messages going up throughout the day so stay tuned!

Meet the Eurovision hopefuls

Every year a selection of plucky Eurovision hopefuls congregate in London's Soho to perform their songs in front of an intimate audience of Eurovision superfans.

With the contest now a mere three weeks away, we spoke to Azerbaijan, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovenia and San Marino about their hopes and fears for the competition.

They also were kind enough to impart some advice for all of you hosting a Eurovision party. That all-important quandary of exactly what to eat and drink during the final!

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