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Blue's Eurovision Campaign - Update 2

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BBC Eurovision Paul BBC Eurovision Paul | 14:15 UK time, Friday, 25 February 2011

Blue - Duncan, Antony, Simon and Lee


Friday 25th Feb 2011


Hey everyone - back again with another update on how Blue's Eurovision campaign is progressing. Last weekend the boys travelled to Barcelona, where they sang live on the Spanish Eurovision selection show.

The boys were far happier with their performance in Spain than their one the week before in Malta, believing that the extra sessions of vocal coaching and rehearsal really paid off. They're planning to keep working hard over these next few months to make sure they're as polished as they possibly can be in time for the Eurovision final.

It's a busy week ahead for the guys, kicking off with a session in the studio to complete the final remix of their Eurovision song, "I Can". The song will be unveiled to the world on The Graham Norton Show on Friday 11th March - that's a fortnight today! Exciting, huh?

The boys are also meeting a designer and a stylist to select the outfits that they'll be wearing on stage in Düsseldorf. What do YOU think they should wear on stage? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Later in the week, the boys will be back at BBC TV Centre to record some more material for the special documentary on Blue's Eurovision campaign, which will be screened on BBC One in April. They're also going to be doing something very hush-hush for Comic Relief, too... more news on that next week!

It's not just a busy week for Blue - this is the weekend when another 11 countries will unveil the songs that they'll be sending to the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. So don't forget to come back to this site next week for an update on the songs from Armenia, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Latvia, Moldova, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Weekend update, Mon 21st Feb 2011

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BBC Eurovision Paul BBC Eurovision Paul | 11:22 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011

Hey everyone - it's been another busy old weekend in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, with another four countries unveiling the songs they'll be sending to Dusseldorf.

We kick off with the host nation Germany, who are proudly sending last year's winner Lena back to the competition to try and retain her crown. Will her new song "Taken By A Stranger" be as big a hit as 2010's winner "Satellite"?  Sadly this song isn't currently available to hear online.

Next up, we have Georgia. This year, they've decided to send a very rocky song called "One More Day", performed by the group Eldrine. What you dou think of it?  Watch on YouTube

The 2011 Eurovision Song Contest sees the return after an absence of 18 years from the competition for one of the "Big Five" countries - the nations who automatically qualify to the Grand Final and who don't have to win through from the semi-finals. Yes, Italy is back, and they'll be hoping to grab victory with Raphael Gualazzi and his song "Follia d'Amore".    Watch on YouTube

On Friday night, Spain revealed their 2011 song as well. Lucía Pérez will perform "Que me quiten lo bailao" in Dusseldorf. What do you think of her chances?  Watch on YouTube

During the Spanish national final, our very own Blue performed one of their classic hits, "Breathe Easy". You can see just how well the boys did  by watching this clip on YouTube. We'll hopefully have some behind-the-scenes footage from the trip to Spain up on this very News Blog very soon!

Blue's Eurovision Campaign - Update 1

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BBC Eurovision Paul BBC Eurovision Paul | 16:35 UK time, Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday 18th Feb 2011

Welcome to the first in a weekly series of updates on Blue's Eurovision campaign!  We'll post a new update every Friday here on the BBC Eurovision News Blog letting you know exactly what the boys have been up to, and giving you advance warning about any public appearances coming up over the next week or so.

Last Saturday night, Blue kicked off their publicity campaign by travelling to Malta to perform on their Eurovision national final. As the boys are still putting the finishing touches to their Eurovision song "I Can", they instead decided to perform their classic hit "If You Come Back".

Here's some footage from their trip. You'll be able to see more in the BBC One documentary on Blue's Eurovision campaign, to be shown sometime in April.

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Although the boys are delighted to be back performing together, they had a few reservations about their performance on stage in Malta, having had some problems with the earpieces they were wearing and with some of their harmonies.

So this week, the boys have been back in rehearsals with a vocal coach and a choreographer, determined to put the work in that they need in order to be on top form for their NEXT live performance. That happens to be tonight, Friday 18th Feb, when the group will appear on the Spanish Eurovision national final, "Destino Eurovisión". This time they'll be performing another one of their classic hits, "Breathe Easy".We'll have a full report on the trip to Spain next Friday.

In the meantime, you might want to tune in to Ant & Dec's Push The Button on ITV1 on Saturday evening, because a certain Mr Duncan James will be appearing...

And some more European countries will reveal their 2011 song selections over the next  7 days, including Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia and Italy. Come back to the BBC Eurovision News Blog next Monday for an update on all the weekend's announcements!

Which countries have revealed their songs so far?

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BBC Eurovision Paul BBC Eurovision Paul | 15:56 UK time, Thursday, 17 February 2011

Irish representatives Jedward, posing here with Jonathan Ross

Ireland is sending Jedward to the Eurovision Song Contest. Jonathan Ross will be staying at home, though.


Eurovision Season is well under way, and several countries have already unveiled the songs that they hope will triumph in Dusseldorf. In alphabetical order, they are:


1. ALBANIA.   Aurela Gaçe - "Feel the Passion" (English reworking of the song "Kënga ime")

2. BELGIUM.   Witloof Bay - "With Love Baby"

3. FINLAND.   Paradise Oskar - "Da Da Dam"

4. ICELAND.   Sigurjón's Friends - "Aftur Heim"

5. IRELAND.   Jedward - "Lipstick"

6. MALTA.   Glen Vela - "One Life"

7. THE NETHERLANDS.   3JS - "Je vecht nooit alleen"

8. NORWAY.   Stella Mwangi, "Haba Haba"

9. POLAND.  Magdalena Tul, "Jestem"

10. ROMANIA.   Hotel FM, "Change"

11. SWITZERLAND.   Anna Rossinelli, "In Love For a While"


So what do you think of them? Who's your favourite so far?

The remaining 32 countries have until the 14th of March to announce the songs they'll be sending to the finals in Germany in May.

In the middle of March, we'll be launching the "2011 Songs" section of this website, where you'll be able to see all of the 43 songs, read the lyrics, and find out all about the performers. Exciting, isn't it?

Welcome to the BBC Eurovision Blog!

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BBC Eurovision Paul BBC Eurovision Paul | 16:33 UK time, Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hey everyone - welcome to a brand new feature arriving this year on the BBC Eurovision website... our very own Blog! Over the next three months, right up to (and beyond) the Eurovision Song Contest final in Dusseldorf on 14th May, the BBC's Eurovision website team will keep you up to date with the very latest news and info on this year's contest.

Blogging here for you will be Paul, Gemma and Andrew - we're the same team who are also updating the BBC's Facebook page and Twitter account. If you're not following us there already, why not join in now?

We'll be following the UK's act Blue and keeping you up-to-date with all the latest from the 42 other countries taking part in this year's contest. So don't forget to come back here regularly to find out the very latest news and info on our campaign to bring the Eurovision Song Contest back to the UK in 2012!

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