There is a little tension in the air at the Broadcast Centre here in Vienna. Spanish television station Cadena Cope have put an unnecessary strain on international relations by "dissing" both the Italians and the Russians.

One sign above the door to their compound bears the words "Arrivederci Italia" while another to the side has a list of Spanish scalps at Euro 2008 so far, finished off with the line "Russia, are you ready to lose?" Could be a case of some humble paella being eaten on Friday morning.

Cadena Cope bait the Russians

I suspect I could be the victim of some mischief myself. I've been receiving a lot of telephone calls recently from Austrians wanting to know how much I wanted for the Renault Clio.

I'm perturbed on two counts.

Firstly, I don't have a Renault Clio. Secondly, how have they got hold of my mobile number? The next time someone calls, I'm tempted to ask where the car is and, as long as it's not halfway up a mountain and riddled with rust, claim it as my own.

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