What's your role at Euro 2008?
A UK road-trip to watch matches with fans of the 16 nations who did manage to qualify. For example, there's an estimated 300,000 Germans, 300,000 French, 150,000 Turks, etc over here, and on the opening day of the tournament I'll be in Norfolk with some of the 50,000 Portuguese who've moved there over the last decade. We'll take in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and be on air on 5 Live every day of the tournament.

Favourite team?
Middlesbrough - first watched them in the late 1960s. In my mind it was a home game against Burnley, but in the record books I can find no trace of such a fixture around that time. My Dad made me wear PJs under my clothes because it was such a cold day. Highlight - Winning the 2004 Carling Cup Final after 128 years without silverwear.

Favourite player?
Of all-time? 'Big' John Hickton. Boro centre forward with legendary mutton chops-style sideburns. Used to start his penalty kick run ups from the halfway line

Ideal sporting dinner guest?

Anybody who can explain to me the attraction of cricket.

Best bit of advice you have received?
Be yourself. It's quite easy when you are doing a job you love.

Something the public might not know about you?
I used to be a member of "The Sweet" fan club.

Disappointed the home nations didn't make it?
Disappointed for Scotland and Northern Ireland, who gave it such a damned good go. But from England's point of view, nice to get the tears out of the way before the tournament kicks off.

Will there be a surprise winner?
Yes, if my tip of Spain comes true. They have the pedigree but usually shoot themselves in the foot.

Which is the player to watch?
Forget his name. Wears number 7 for Manchester United. Has the platform to continue his shimmy towards greatness.

Finally, how many goals will be scored at Euro 2008?

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