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Lauren's video diary: "I wanna forgive"


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OMG. Lauren 'Detective' Branning has had a change of heart and no longer wants to shop Stacey.

She's taking her foot off of the accelerator to bang up her sis-in-law, and she's parking up at 'Forgiveness Street'. Can you hear Stacey's sigh of relief?

The new laid back Lol even wants an 'average' boyfriend. Steady on.

Watch Lauren's latest (and possibly last on the case of Stace) secret vid. Brace yourselves... she's even smiling and laughing:

Remember friends: "Forgiveness isn't for the weak - it's for the heroes."

Check out Lol's previous eight video diaries:

Lauren's first video diary: "I'm Back"

A pregnancy announcement, murder and the joy at being back in Walford... Lauren's not holding back on the good stuff when it comes to filming her diary.

Lauren's second video diary: "I'm eating my weight in ice-cream"

A break up and a lorry load of ice cream, OKAY... maybe less of the lorry.

Lauren's third video diary: "It's my cousin..."

Following Billie's death, Lauren let's loose to Jessica how it's brought back her feelings on Bradley.

Lauren's fourth video diary: "He was possessed"

Lauren opens up to her mate Jess on the weird goings on at the Brannings'.

Lauren's fifth video diary: "My dad's a lying cheater!"

Lauren opens up to her mate Jess on the weird goings on at the Brannings'.

Lauren's sixth video diary: "Stacey did it!"

Lauren confronts Stacey in the Vic bogs and finds out more than she'd ever hoped... watch out Stacey!

Lauren's seventh video diary: "I'm gonna make her pay"

Oh. Dear. Following a confrontation with Stacey in the Vic bogs, Lauren re-listens to hardcore evidence that Stacey killed Archie Mitchell!

Lauren's eighth video diary: "If the world burnt down..."

Lol's not impressed with her dad's behaviour. In fact, that's the biggest understatement since Michael Fish predicted "high winds" in 2007. Her anger is as clear as crystal.

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