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Photo Spoilers: Return of the Max

Katy R

EastEnders Blog Team

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Meet the faaamily

Big bro Derek's come to Walford to support Max. And let's just say he isn't shy about coming forward! He re-introduces himself to the Cross ladies - will they welcome him with open arms?

Dodgy dealings

In Lola's eyes money makes the world go round. When the Moons offer her a way to make some quick cash, she jumps at the chance. They'd better watch out though - this young lady is part-Mitchell after all!

Forgive me father...

The smitten reverend wasn't prepared to have his good heart broken, but life isn't a bed of roses! What will Dot's naughty little sister have to say for herself? Shame on you Patrick!

Let's not get hys-derek-al

He's here! Derek Branning has entered The Square. He's a very unwelcome guest in Pat's house. Why aren't they happy to see him? We are!

C'mon spill!

Lola drops a big bomshell that leaves grandad Billy reeling. Inquisitive Jay wants to know more about her little secret. Will she share all with him?

Help! I need somebody...

...and certainly not just any body. Jack's in search of a babysitter to look after Amy, but refuses Roxy's offer to help out. Beggars can't be choosers though. Will he find another willing person?

Honey, I'm home!

Max comes home to a not-so-warm-welcome - and walks head first into a Branning barny! Will they all be happy to see him?

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