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The long game

EastEnders News Team

The Beale family are still feeling the repercussions of Lucy’s murder – none more so than Jane Beale. With more shocks and twist set to unfold over Christmas, Laurie Brett explained why it was important to play the long game.

“I think it’s such juxtaposition in this age of social media we’re in,” she explained. “Some people want everything right now, but the art of storytelling is long-term. And with this story, and the Dean rape story, we’ve got back to long term storytelling. At the end of the day, you can’t have everything instantly. We’re not on Instagram; we’re not on Twitter. We’re a television show, in which you’re seeing a family going through this maze of stuff – and that takes time.

“Part of the conclusion comes at Christmas – Bobby is told by Denny that he killed Lucy, but that starts another little ball rolling, and that’s obviously got a lot of emotional fall-out for everyone involved. But you wouldn’t feel it so much if you hadn’t taken so long to get there, because that’s what happens in a family.”

Laurie admits that Live Week was only the beginning of a journey for Jane Beale - and an episode which really left its mark.

“That whole live episode, where I had a 64 page monologue to say (laughs), aged me completely! I don’t think I’ve ever recovered from the 22 minutes or whatever The Beales had in the house.”

“It was a massive responsibility, but I did know that was going to be almost another beginning of the story, because then how do you deal with it once the truth is out? And it’s okay having one person know the truth, which was Jane, and having covered for Bobby, but then, one by one, people started to know, especially Ian. And Jane didn’t know how Ian was going to react to all that. So then it all started to unravel. Because when it was only Jane who knew the truth you could contain it. And then I knew from Dom, Sharon and Alex that that was just the beginning of the next arc of the story.”

Find out how the Jane’s story continues to unfold this Christmas on BBC One.

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