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Ricky Norwood up in da building with Westwood

EastEnders News Team

*This radio show expires on Wednesday 23 June*

We on the Enders blog have got NUFF LOVE for Ricky Norwood aka Fatboy so we were all err up in da house and ting when Ricky dropped by Westwood's studio on 1Xtra.

Man's gotta plan! And that plan is to chew the fat on music, East End life, love, and his acting past as well as dropping some serious Fatboyisms...

We tagged along and took some pics

Jump on it!

Plus, have you seen the growing number of people on Facebook showing the love for Albert Square's master of hype Arthu Chubb aka Fatboy?

The official:

E20 official Facebook

And the unofficial:

Fatboy E20

Fatboy - Hush ur mout rude gal

Fatboy = legend!

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