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Photo spoilers: Weddings, Whit and woe...


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  • Comment number 26. Posted by U14838410

    12 Apr 2011 0:17
    i wish they would put one hour special on 15th april
  • Comment number 25. Posted by U14837902

    11 Apr 2011 16:33
    i heard she's going to reveal to kat and jack on friday ...
  • Comment number 24. Posted by U14765249

    10 Apr 2011 0:46
    Did anyone watch Brothers & Sisters Thursday evening on More4 because Rob Kazinsky aka Sean Slater in it as a doctor. It was really good seeing him act again. Well done to him hope he has continued success in the future.
  • Comment number 23. Posted by U14597504

    10 Apr 2011 0:33
    Soz to say but eastenders has been really boring and not dramatic lately! here are some ideas, plz post ur ideas too?

    Idea 1: Liam and Carol have a Car Crash and drive into lake and just as liam trys to escape his foot gets tangled in seatbelt!

    Idea 2: Jane finds a New Man who makes Ian Jealous and then Ian tries finding himself a lady and whilst doing that ends up kissing Zainab, just as Masood walks in!

    Idea 3: Darren finds Jodie being hurt by a mugger, so when he goes to help her the man gets a knife out, Max runs over, soon followed by Jay and then lastly Abby who is on a date with Jay, Everybody trys to stop him hurting Jodie but Vanessa runs out and sees, she runs to Jodie and runs into the Knife
  • Comment number 22. Posted by Ribbon12345

    9 Apr 2011 19:07
    Omg can't wait till friday kat gets the baby back!!! WATCH FRIDAY
  • Comment number 21. Posted by U14825953

    9 Apr 2011 13:22
    It also said that somebody might die in April, i thought it could be Syed but no he is okay now, but then i relized that at Tanya's wedding abi and Max are invloved in a car crash it said in the news article that Tanya goes to see Abi and she is fine, but then no max is there and they can't find him i think, so maybe Max dies? you never know.
  • Comment number 20. Posted by U14806740

    8 Apr 2011 18:00
    Kat geting her baby back at last???????????????
    Whitneys safe ad warm. tiffinay looks really happy.
    Tanyas wedding looks really exciting. Hope max and abi are okay because max and abi are really good charecters. :D.
  • Comment number 19. Posted by U14442238

    8 Apr 2011 12:59
    cant w8 for whitney to get bak 2 walford and for kat and alfie 2 get their baby bak. Wot i wanna know is why is tanya wearing WHITE?!
  • Comment number 18. Posted by U14539327

    7 Apr 2011 17:45
    Looks like a great week, jam-packed with lots of drama. I wonder what will happen wiv Tanya... I want her to be happy. Ronnie can't keep a secret 4eva!!!
  • Comment number 17. Posted by U14566122

    7 Apr 2011 17:11
    When will ronnie give back the baby, it's gone to far, i'm a big EE fan but i want the baby swap to end!