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Episode discussion for week starting 24 September

Nickie L

Saucy shenanigans in the Square this week as Walford's couples turn up the heat...

Joey avoids Lucy's awkward questions with a kiss. What is he hiding? Should she be worried?

Roxy and AJ spend a night of passion at the Masoods'. Are they right for each other? Or is there someone else to whom Roxy is more suited?

As Michael starts the hunt for Janine, is he reaching the end of his tether with baby Scarlett?

Syed is taken with ambitious city boy, Danny. When Danny makes a tempting offer, will Syed follow temptation?

Sharon's secret - will the stress of being back in the Square shake her resolve?

Discuss these and any other current storylines that tickle your fancy in the comments section below...

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