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Lauren's video diary: "If the world burnt down..."


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"... I wouldn't spit on him. I swear to god." Ooooooh, can you guess who Lauren 'detective' Branning is talking about in her latest video diary? We wonder!

Of course... it doesn't take 'a Tamwar' to work it out. It's her dad, Max!

Lauren should join the boys in blue, as she's certainly a force to be reckoned with. Stacey's been rumbled as Archie Mitchell's killer, and Lol is not only out for revenge on her widowed sis-in-law, but she's so angry at her dad for protecting Stacey, that she's taking no prisoners...

Do you blame Lol for being so angry? It's gettin' hot in here... and it's about to get even hotter I can imagine... who do you feel most sorry for here? Should Stacey pay for what she did?

Check out Lol's seven previous video diaries:

Lauren's first video diary: "I'm Back"

A pregnancy announcement, murder and the joy at being back in Walford... Lauren's not holding back on the good stuff when it comes to filming her diary.

Lauren's second video diary: "I'm eating my weight in ice-cream"

A break up and a lorry load of ice cream, OKAY... maybe less of the lorry.

Lauren's third video diary: "It's my cousin..."

Following Billie's death, Lauren let's loose to Jessica how it's brought back her feelings on Bradley.

Lauren's fourth video diary: "He was possessed"

Lauren opens up to her mate Jess on the weird goings on at the Brannings'.

Lauren's fifth video diary: "My dad's a lying cheater!"

Lauren opens up to her mate Jess on the weird goings on at the Brannings'.

Lauren's sixth video diary: "Stacey did it!"

Lauren confronts Stacey in the Vic bogs and finds out more than she'd ever hoped... watch out Stacey!

Lauren's seventh video diary: "I'm gonna make her pay"

Oh. Dear. Following a confrontation with Stacey in the Vic bogs, Lauren re-listens to hardcore evidence that Stacey killed Archie Mitchell!

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