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Vote for EastEnders in the TVChoice Awards Shortlist

Nickie L

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You can now vote in the TVChoice Awards shortlist here

Voting closes on the 13th of July. So make sure to submit your vote before it's too late!

Best Soap Actor

Alfie's weathered some storms in the past year. Desperate to put baby Tommy's disappearance behind them, he's struggled to make things work with Kat, complicated things with Roxy - and there's more drama on the horizon. Vote now for Shane

Best Soap Actress

Charlie Brooks (Janine) and Jo Joyner (Tanya) are up for Best Soap Actress. Both have given great performances this year. Janine's married Michael, given birth prematurely to her baby and is now keeping vigil beside her daughter's bedside. Tanya was diagnosed with cancer and struggled through her treatment, recently receiving the all-clear, with a wedding to Max on the horizon. Who gets your vote?

Best Newcomer

Jamie Foreman (Derek) and Tony Discipline (Tyler) are up for the Best Newcomer Award. Who's your favourite? Scheming, crooked gangland crim Derek or cheeky chappie Tyler Moon? Vote now

Best Soap

It's been a big year for EastEnders and the best is yet to come! If EastEnders is your favourite Soap (it is ours). Then get voting!

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