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Whoever said that life was easy??

EastEnders News Team

*Update! Lots of people are online now, about to watch tonight's EastEnders on the team of their choice - Team Christian, Team Amira and/or Team Syed Why don't you join in too??* As the Masood family reaches crisis point, we're starting to worry about everyone involved.

Can there possibly be a happy ending to this?? As you probably know, things are only going to get more dramatic! Join us on Monday 26th April at 8pm to chat while we watch, on whichever team suits you best - Team Christian, Team Amira or Team Syed. Gah! We can hardly stand it!!

Plus! Watch the exclusive vid of John Partridge (Christian), Marc Elliott (Syed) and Preeya Kalidas (Amira) getting up to high-jinx at their most recent photoshoot

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Picture gallery: w/c 26 April 2010