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The B&B - Coming soon to a screen near you!

Katy R

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Our very own Kimberley Fox is set to star in a 'reality-documentary' for BBC EastEnders online. And the scripts have been written by Tameka Empson herself!

"I'm an independent woman like Beyonce, a sexy yet stylish business woman like Ann Summers and slightly ruthless and ambitious like Donald Trump..."

- Kimberley Fox, London

A camera crew is given access to all areas of 'Kim's Palace'. The team focus on her adventures (and mis-haps) as she strives to raise her small business from the ashes of disaster, catapulting her into the realm of the Alan Sugars and Richard Bransons of this world.

With Kim at the helm, surely nothing can go wrong. Can it?! Watch this space...

*There will be at least 4 mini-episodes of 'The B&B' online throughout October*

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