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Picture gallery: w/c 12 April 2010

EastEnders News Team

Poor 'ol Jack's still in a bad way in hospital - will he take a turn for the worse? We hope not.

This week's all about... best buddies, bullying, and of course... CHRYED!

Monday 12 April

Lads' night out

Aaaww... don't they look cosy? Fatboy and Leon share a glass of the hard stuff whilst out with their dates, Zsa Zsa and Julie. Don't the dazzling duo scrub up well?

Bullied Ben

Bullying's a nasty beast. Imagine how Ben feels when he's threatened by a gaggle of school girls. Is the mucker singing to 'em? Not sure that will help the situation.


Dutiful Dot visits laid-up Jack in hospital and informs him that he may not fully recover. Truth hurts, as he halts any more visitors. Give the lad some grapes.

Tuesday 13 April

A lick of paint

To slap, or not to slap? That is the question. Christian advises Amira to lay off the face paint to help her flailing marriage to Syed, (whilst he slaps it on the walls).

Wise words?

It's good to see Dot's nails are co-ordinated in the cafe. Stepping out in her Mac is a spot-on Spring trend too. Ron should take Dot's advice... she knows her onions.

Thursday 15 April

A load of politics

Single matriarchs, Pat and Peggy provide the pub entertainment when they come to blows over local journo, Harvey. Let the political battle commence!

Mr Softy

Fatboy is THE man with a plan when he whips the ice cream van off of Darren's hands. Check those teddies babygirls... he's obviously more Mr Softy than Mr Whippy.