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This week on EastEnders: Jack's shot and Janine's in lurve

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Kylie shoots Jack

So... Billie's former squeeze decided that if she couldn't have Billie, no one could (after shoving a poo through the door of the Jacksons as a final gesture... well if that didn't win him back, nothing will). But she didn't factor Jack's extreme manliness when calculating the angle of fire for aiming at Billie. Jack dove to protect his nephew and got shot in the process. Will he pull through? It isn't looking good and yet again the Branning/Jackson family is bracing itself for another bout of mourning. Fingers crossed for our JB.

Ryan hearts Janine and... Janine has a heart... who'da thunkit?

Was it Lancelot who said of Guinevere: "You're the most horrendous human being I've ever met in my life but I'm so completely and utterly in love with you it makes me sick"? No, it was Ryan Dean. The lucky lady in question? Ms Janine Butcher, who had inadvertently wooed her man by a mixture of casual naughtiness, con-merchantry, weeping over her aged murdered ex, and pimping him out to Roxy Mitchell while trying to bed Roxy's brother for a stake in the Mitchell Empire. Wow, when you see it all written out like that, you can see the attraction.

Anyone fancy popping down to Poxy's for a facial?

Sorry can't, I'm heading down the Queen Zit to meet Mo for a swift one and some knock-off hair extensions. Fortunately, Danny managed to sort the typo on Roxy's sign and the new beauty salon was opened. One in the face for Ronnie. But why is Danny so keen on his sister's move into the beauty trade? Is it part of his crusade to rid Walford of chipped nails and split ends? Or something more underhand? In the olden days we would have said 'answers on a postcard' but you can just type yours in the comments section below...

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