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Photo spoilers: Viva the schemers

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Week commencing 5 September

Blonde ambition

Vanessa has Eddie right where Michael wants him. But will their scheming pay off? And will Vanessa's pay off be worth the medical bills once Carol finds out...

Kat's hospital dash

Kat finds herself in hospital, but will she accept Alfie's support after his tactless reaction to her news?


Syed and Christian are forced to ask Zainab's help in finding Amira to get a divorce but...

... will Yusef's powers of persuasion work on vengeful Qadim?

Making a splash

Either The Vic is developing a new serving strategy (messy) or Pat has said something to raise Kat's ire. Let's hope it's the latter, or else Dot had better prepare for a steep rise in service washes down the launderette...

Antique dealer

Anthony has a proposition for Cora. Is she immune to the Moon charm or will she fall for his cheeky sales patter?

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