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Love triangle: Naz, Sol and Asher

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"What have I done?" tweeted @badgalnaz. Oh Naz! What have you done?! Whilst Naz went off for a snog fest with Asher, Sol and Stevie dealt with a blackout. Fatboy was not impressed "BLACKOUT, wagwan with the power?!"… "Swear that boy's DUMB".

At the club, Stevie somehow ended up grabbing Pippa's boobs… AGAIN. "What is wrong with me??" tweeted Stevie. LOL! How much do you wanna bet it happens again?

With Sol, Naz and Asher in a love triangle, who do you think she should be with? Follow the gossip with @manlikefatboy @Stevie4Olly, @OllyManHall and @badgal_naz.

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