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Lauren's diary: "Kate Middleton marries her prince"


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Today is the royal wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton - a " truly momentous occassion" and one we'll all remember for the rest of our lives!

It's that HUGE that even Lauren Branning has turned all girly on us. The video queen has even been discussing future wedding plans with BFF Whitney Dean.

And just as Whit is mentally picking out her wedding dress, the girls receive an incoming call from a friendly face with some BREAKING NEWS! I'm telling you, it's all going daaaooooowwwwwn today.

Check out Lol's second video... it's a trio of treats.

You can watch Lol's video diary ahead of her mum's wedding day here.

Missed out on the previous series? I'll take the stress out of your head, as here's a recap on the previous series. *Curtseys with a smile*.

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