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Jasmine Armfield to join EastEnders as Rebecca Fowler

EastEnders News Team

Rebecca Fowler is to return to EastEnders with her mum Sonia next month.

Rebecca Fowler's entrance into the world came in typical dramatic fashion after her mum, Sonia, gave birth to her on the living room floor when she didnt even realise she was pregnant! Sonia decided to put the baby up for adoption, but in a cruel twist of fate Martin, the father of her child, knocked down and killed the love of her life, Jamie. Sonia and Martin then fell in love and regained custody of Rebecca.

Played by Jasmine Armfield, Rebecca is a well-behaved teenager, but is also a little fighter. A bright child who is passionate about music, she can play the guitar beautifully but is not someone who would blow her own trumpet (see what we did there!). She wants to do well in life and make her parents proud, but it’s this determination that will be the making or undoing of her. 

 Jasmine's first episode as Rebecca will transmit in January 2014.

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