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Lauren's diary: "... a big white dress"


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It's the much-anticipated day of the year. We're all getting excited as the big day approaches, as we can watch the momentous day from our living room... it's Tanya and Greg's wedding!

Oh... you weren't thinking of another bride and groom called Kate and Wills, were you? Hold your horses, 'cos Tanya's wedding day is THIS WEEK and it's going to be MASSIVE!

Not only is there going to be a lot of pink (frock horror for Lauren), but there's also something going daaoowwn. And it's going to be good.

Another MASSIVE event is the fact that not only is Lauren's mum walking down the aisle for the second time, but Lol's recording her video diaries for a second series - she's back with a bang!

What's on her mind the most? The floaty, flowery frock she's got to wear, of course. In fact, it's "worse than a chastity belt"... erh, let's hope she's never worn one. Ouch.

Check out her latest video diary...

Fancy a recap on the previous series? You can view the 'Previously' video trailer.

Watch out for more videos to come... with other residents of the Square featuring in them.

What the devil will she get up to in this series? So long as it doesn't involve a murder like last time... *yikes*.

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