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Christmas Photo Spoilers!

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Katy R | 15:48 UK time, Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The more the merrier!

Max and Tanya seem to have half of The Square over for Christmas dinner… Doesn’t it all look merry and jolly and festive!?

The Brannings

 Nice day for a white wedding?

Aw Max, he’s such a romantic at heart. He organises a surprise wedding on Christmas Day, preist and all! Tanya will finally be a Branning again. All is right with the world.

Max and Tanya

Max, Tanya, Lauren and Abi

Flesh sells

As the competition for best Xmas market stall hots up, the stallholders decide to remove some clothing! Kim helps out Fatboy and dresses as a… Christmas angel!? Whilst Tyler decides to go for the half-dressed Santa look. Whose stall would you visit?

Fatboy and tylerFatboy and Kim

Mistletoe moment…

Alfie and Roxy share a quiet moment in The Vic, under the mistletoe. Well, we all know what’s meant to happen under mistletoe!

Alfie and Roxy

Walk of shame

It doesn’t take long for news of Kat’s adulterous behaviour to sweep through Walford. As she ventures out into the market, will anyone give her a friendly smile?

Fatboy, Kim and Kat

Santa baby

Kat drops little Tommy off at The Vic to have Crimbo day with Alfie. But who will she be pulling a cracker with?!

Jean and Kat

The day after the night before...

The Branning family pile out into The Square, with Abi holding a floral tribute to Derek. Carol, Lauren, Abi, Alice



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