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Photo Spoilers: Love is in the Square?

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Guest Insider | 09:00 UK time, Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Money matters

City banker Danny turns up with a tempting offer for Syed... but is it for business or pleasure? Can he be trusted? And will Syed nip it in the bud before things gets serious?

Syed and Danny

Roxy and AJ?

What's going on here then? After both being stood up, Roxy and AJ share a kiss! But will anything come of it? And how will Zainab react when she spots Roxy sneaking away the next morning?

Dressed to impress

Lucy feels insecure about her and Joey's relationship so she dresses to the nines in a desperate bid to impress him. However, he still doesn't take her to meet his mum. Nice try, Lucy…

Here's a sneaky look at what's to come next week:

Double trouble

Busted! Disappointed Patrick catches Abi and Lola looting cleaning supplies from Butcher's Joints. He warns Lola that she has to be more responsible for the sake of Lexi, but can Lola change her ways?

Bag of secrets

What's in Sharon's bag that's making her look shifty? She doesn't have anything to hide… or does she?

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Maybe being a single dad and having to do all those nappy changes by himself is getting to him, or maybe he just wants her back. Michael hires a private investigator to track down Janine.



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