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Photo spoilers: Janine rests her case

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ultimatum time

Janine lays all her cards on the table... well, a whole lot of her money! She offers Michael a suitcase full of dosh as a test. Does he pass or fail?

Michael and Janine

Tickled pink

Poor Kim doesn't know what she's letting her self in for! She attempts to keep up with super fit Ray as they go off for a run. Denise decides to see them off (well, she's always up for a laugh!). Will Kim make it back in one piece?

Tameka, Denise and Ray

Raising the bar

One of these naughty boys sends Kat some flowers this week, but it's Alfie who finds them first! Uh oh. How will she explain this one?

Kat, Michael, Jack, Max and Derek

Game's up

When it becomes clear that Kat's been lying to him, Alfie confronts her. What will she tell him? Will we finally find out who her mystery lover is? Will he forgive her? So many questions!

Kat and Alfie

The soft touch

When Ian realises that Lucy knows just how fragile his mental state is, he's horrified. But he soon sees that his little girl has done some growing up over the past few months and has actually become, dare we say it, less selfish?

Lucy and Ian



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