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Episode discussion for week starting 17 September

Nickie | 16:30 UK time, Monday, 17 September 2012

"You might as well leave a baby with Darth Vader..." Michael's left holding the baby... and with some serious business headaches. Will Janine's revenge get the better of him?

The fall-out from Janine's shock departure reaches the Masoods, as Syed's business dreams fall around his ears. Will he save the day? Or dig himself into a deeper hole?

Phil's back behind the bar of the Vic - is this where he belongs? Or should Jean be the new landlady?

"Lonely single father seeking meaningful relationship" - Jack wants to get serious with Sharon - are you jealous?

Discuss these topics and any other storylines that tickle your fancy in the comments section below.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Poor Sharon she doesnt wants to be back in the Vic because it brings her to many bad memorys.

  • Comment number 2.

    I dont understand this whole vic stuff with phil. Its always been his pub he couldve worked in there if he realy wanted to. He worked in the arches and the club. Does this mean he didnt really love his family because hed prefer to be rid of them and in the vic? It makes me think hes only in there as a distraction not cos he wants to be. But again why not just work in the arches/club? The club needs it more with janine in and if sharon ends up in the vic who will be working there?

  • Comment number 3.

    I hate michael so much, but at the same time i feel sorry for him. if he really loved janine why didnt he just tell her and show her instead of playing mind games with her. i hate it when he turns to his manipulative side. it makes him look so heartless and evil. i think its good janine left him on his own with scarlet. maybe his daughter will teach him to show a little love. dont get me wrong, janine doesnt deserve to be loved by anyone, shes an evil cow. for scarlets sake i hope they become a proper family and janine and michael learn a little about love and respect.

  • Comment number 4.

    michael told janine he loved her plenty of times. he said it at the very start when she was talking about frank. thats why i didnt believe him cos he said it so many times but was still playing mind games with her. oh now he does does he? its a little too late

  • Comment number 5.

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  • Comment number 6.

    Michael really is an incredible character and SJS has bought something new to the show. There has never been a character on TV like him before. I hope he stays for a very long time :-)
    Also, don't go Chryed :-(

  • Comment number 7.

    so phils deleted shirleys number off her phone. i think thats pretty much proved my point that he's always tried to ignore his true feelings for her. i think the way he called sharon and said it was an accident was cos he wished it was shirley instead that he could call. he'd done the hoovering over the name before. looks like he was tempted to call her and deleted it. the picture showed he was tortured over her. i think she's destroyed him.

    i like to think shirleys return could be phil going to see her. dont think he will be able to forget about her completely

  • Comment number 8.

    Eastenders is very very boring at the moment no decent storylines what so ever. I am glad syed and christian are leaving I think the show need to get rid of the rest of the massods why they brought in aj I have know idea ??? also Derick and Alice joey could maybe be a good character if he was to maybe move in a flat with some mates and cause a little trouble. Lola needs to go and I would say Billy but I think the show need to keep long lasting characters in the show as there is not many left now.And please bring back the old Lucy Beale . As for Sharon coming back I thought that would be grate but I cant stand her facial expressions every time In a scene when shes talking shes got to pout and do a facial expression like shes posing for a photo shoot or some think its really annoying .

  • Comment number 9.

    blog123, i agree I am glad the whining Syed is leaving but i would have liked Christian to stay and explore his character further apart from the gay side, Lola does need to go on to somewhere else and why they brought Sharon back i have no idea her character has nothing new to offer she is in a bit of a wilderness just now, she urgently needs a make over the hair is so OTT and she cannot act. her character is very irritating.


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