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Episode discussion for week starting 27 August

Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Monday, 27 August 2012

Abi returns to Albert Square to a nasty surprise... Will she give Jay a chance to explain?

Who do you think can offer Jay the support he needs? Are you Team Abi or Team Lola?

Meanwhile, a fight breaks out in the Vic. Will Syed live to regret his attempt to rescue his dad from Derek's clutches?

Anthony and Alice grow close... Are this pair a perfect match? And as the other men in Alice's life move in to protect her, are they doing what family should do? Or should they back out and let her live her own life?

Discuss these and any other topics relating to this week's eps in the comments section below...


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    Team Lola!!!

  • Comment number 5.

    Antony and Alice are sooo cute, it's so unfair that Derek and Joey don't want them to be together :L

  • Comment number 6.

    Team Abi, ok i know this may sound harsh but lola knews jay still loves abi and shes tried going after him Nuh uh. Shes supposed to be abi's mate and jays. Plus no offense to the writers but they portray her as a bit of slag. No offense to anyone if you can relate. But if Jay goes with lola its going to send a message saying this is how you need to act and dress to get a guy having a tag, wearing short tops and shorts having a baby. Whereas Abi has a bit of class she got a decent life the writers should have Jay and Abi talk things through. Like have him say "after it happened phill came to us and told us what to do said were a family and we had to follow orders and that the mitchells was only my family since my dad died i didnt want to chuck all that away" Abi is kind and caring girl she'll eventually see that Jay has been punished enough.

  • Comment number 7.

    TEAM LOLA !!! hate abi!!!! eastenders writers should realise that abi no one likes! people can relate to lola!! and she is NOT a slag! she doesnt exactly sleep with everyone!!! her and jay are perfect!! abi needs someone her age and her weight!!! lola and jay forever!!!!!

  • Comment number 8.

    Team Abi: Charl, you have written the most sensible comment on here. Lola is a not a good example to young viewers especially now she has had a baby with no job prospect or dad around for Lexie. Lola has had a rough start in life but so is Jay and he deserve better than Lola. He shouldnt be the one responsible for the child of a murderer as I strongly believe Ben is Lexie's dad. All you Lola and Jay fan, do you actually think poor Jay can live with that?

  • Comment number 9.

    Abi is supposed to change her thing not like it was Jay's fault looks like she can't even stand up to her Mother and she turned 16 atleast she could've standed up for her boyfriend!!

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    Team Abi!!!

  • Comment number 12.

    Abi was jay's girlfriend. there is a difference to lying to your girlfriend than lying to a friend. they both loved each other. lola didnt want jay around her or lexi to start with now she's changed her mind.

  • Comment number 13.

    just want to commet on the end of tuesdays episode how stupid it was when sharon kissed jack and all the men outside the gym cheeredlike they were at school ect then she walked of like she was the bees knees it was so stupid.I was really looking forward to Sharon coming back but she has a really bad habbit of pouting when shes talking and making a face like shes posing its really enoying

  • Comment number 14.

    (So agree with "blog123" re. Tuesday's episode. So silly the Jack/Sharon storyline!) Anyway, Team Lola! Jay is better suited for Lola, although Abi is much more "together" and mature, but it's too much of a mismatch and will all end in tears.

  • Comment number 15.

    lola is more likely to end in tears when jay finds out ben is lexi's father

  • Comment number 16.

    I'm on team Lola, because Abi left him, now jay has no one to turn too. Apart from Lola and alot of girls dress like lola, she's not really a slut because the only person she slept with since she's been in albert square has just been ben, but hes gay. :)

  • Comment number 17.

    Abi went to costa rico and jay proposed to her trying to stop her from going...

  • Comment number 18.

    I honestly never liked Jay and Abi together I prefer Jay with Lola, i think they are so cute and would make a better couple, but i doubt writers will keep them together.

  • Comment number 19.

    Team Abi :)
    Abi is rather innocent and pampered... which I appreciate annoys some people, and they prefer gritty and street-smart Lola. In the clothes she's been wearing lately, Abi reminds me of a sunny Carebear... and I think that Jay needs something sweet and cuddly after everything he's been through. Abi has prospects, a good family (well sort-of!) and a chance for Jay to enjoy a normal life. I like Lola, but she constantly breaks the law and gets herself in trouble and got herself pregnant. I just think Jay needs some stability right now; and I'd rather see him make a go of things with Abi :) Lola is a great friend for Jay; that's the way I'd like her to stay!

  • Comment number 20.

    Team Abi!!! Abi is such a nice girl, and Jay really needs some stabilityright now. How is Jay getting with Lola, who is always getting in trouble and has a young baby going to be good for Jay? Jay is too young and too damaged to be in a relationship with a parent, let alone an irresponsible underage one.

    Also I think that Abi, to be fair, is only acting the way she is because she only just found out and is in shock and because her parents told her and probably exaggurated the story...

  • Comment number 21.

    cant believe phil in the preview for tomorrow. he is so pathetic. one minute he feels guilty for what he did to her next hes forcing shirley to come back??? whats he gonna do chuck her out again when he wants sharon ? Ridiculous

  • Comment number 22.

    Jay and Lola should be together as we know "birds of the same feather flock together"
    Abi should face her bright future for now and make something meaningful out of it.
    Thursday`s episode is pathetic and annoying, why do they portray Anthony as an idiot
    and moron who cannot think or decide by himself except Joey and Derek who he knew are his enemy to do it for him. Look at the way he was reduced to nothing to the extent of gambling with his family business against his wish, even Joey, with what he`s doing with Lucy and rude to Ian, all these to Anthony`s knowledge and he still take orders and advice from him? Anthony is not that imbecile or daft,even he was to go and explain to Alice but again was advised against it by Joey and he bought it and even asked Joey to tell Alice he was sorry and went away from the square just like that, I hate this part of the episode it is pathetic and unreal

  • Comment number 23.

    GOJOSH above....could not agree with you more! Anthony was painted as being a brainless daft idiot in his departing scene, and he is far smarter (and a better actor) than some of the other young actors on the show. Shame he was not given a chance to prove it with stronger story lines because he can act.

  • Comment number 24.

    Team Lola! Their perfect for eachother :')

  • Comment number 25.

    Team Abi!!!

    Abi and Jay are perfect for eachother!! abi brings the best out of jay and wen he's around her he is kind and caring and sweet to her!! after what happened to jay when he was younger he was out of control.. abi gave him stability and happiness...
    I think Lola is using jay so when they are a couple lexi will have a dad. she just wants him cuz abi is with him and he's hot! i hate lola she is a slut and she ruined jay and abis relationship. if she really were abi's mate she wouldnt have kissed jay!! TEAM ABI!!!

  • Comment number 26.

    TEAM LOLA!!!!! All the way Jay's been there for Lola so now Lola's going to be there for Jay were was Abi went Jay needed her to busy with her own life to worrie about other people and Lola's a grate mum to Lexi and Jay loves Lexi like she's his own (might be never know) There perfect for each other TEAM LOLA!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 27.

    Randomly posting another team Abi comment. eastendersfan007's comment is very true :)

  • Comment number 28.

    Nah, Lola isn't always there for Jay! Lola even told Jay not to touch Lexi and stuff and really upset him! At least Abi is trying to make thing sbetter between them. She even got him a present, and he was one of the first people she began looking for when she came back. More than Lola. And Jay will be heartbroken if he finds out that Ben is Lexi's dad... so, Team Abi x 10,000,000!

  • Comment number 29.

    lola is only there cos she needs a father and she likes jay but he doesnt like her. abi went off on a holiday its not like she chose to dump him. if jay hadnt proposed and insisted she stayed then they would have been fine. abi has been there for over a year now and she and jay were each others first love:)

  • Comment number 30.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 31.

    Both have their Pros & their Cons.
    But if it comes down to it I'm Team Abi.
    Abi just shades it but I do doubt that Abi will be on Jay's side as she can be too judgmental but she fits Jay better

  • Comment number 32.

    get real.both abi and lola are fictional soap characters.so sad.argueing over 2 make beleive people.jeesz.my bro is 7.and hes more mature than you losers.

  • Comment number 33.

    ^ why you posting on an EE website then ? its a debate.

  • Comment number 34.

    i agree with you monalisa why are you on the EE website any way TEAM LOLA!!!!!


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