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Easties: Be careful what you wish for...

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Rob Francis | 09:20 UK time, Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's time for the second in a semi-regular series of cartoon capers featuring the residents of Walford, E20. This time, EastEnders storyliner Ed Sellek works his magic on Dot and Fatboy!

Dot and Fatboy


Ed will be back in a few weeks with Easties strip number three.

Lorraine Newman confirms she'll stay on as Executive Producer

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Nickie | 12:41 UK time, Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lorraine Newman has confirmed that she will take on the role of EastEnders Executive Producer permanently.

Lorraine's risen up the ranks in EastEnders since she first joined as a Script Secretary. She had this to say:

"It is an absolute honour to be taking on the role of Executive Producer at EastEnders on a permanent basis. My passion for EastEnders was ignited during my first stint on the show as Script Secretary at the age of 19. And this passion has continued to grow ever since. I am looking forward to leading a talented creative team, cast and crew into 2013."

John Yorke, Controller of BBC Drama adds: “Over the last few months Lorraine Newman has steered the show through a period of considerable change, and she’s done an amazing job positioning the show for one of the most exciting autumns I can remember. 

Starting as a script secretary she has risen through the ranks, finding herself as Series Producer and second in command for the last seven years.   With her depth of experience, her passion for the programme and her commitment to talent on-screen and off, she’s the perfect person to take EastEnders forward.”

Congratulations, Lorraine! Now who's intrigued by this mention of an exciting Autumn...


Photo spoilers: Rolling with the punches...

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fist first

Joey just can't help himself. When he spies Lucy getting some unwanted attention he runs to her aid and gives the guy a taste of his fist! Does he not know that there's a boxing gym around the corner?

Lucy and Joey

Like father, like son

Joey arrives for a family lunch with Derek and Alice, but he brings along all of his new Walford mates too. His plan to push his dad to breaking point clearly works! What will Alice think of Derek's angrier side?

Derek, Joey, Alice and Hetti

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Photo Spoilers Extra: A bearded Beale is back...

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Rob Francis | 09:06 UK time, Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ian Beale, last seen wandering down the  motorway after suffering mental breakdown a few weeks ago, is back on the scene. Bearded and sporting a beanie hat, actor Adam Woodyatt is playing lan like you've never seen him before.

The exact details of Ian's return will be revealed in the show soon, but for now, here are three shocking new pics of Walford's most enduring resident.


Ian Beale



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Episode discussion for week starting 25 June

Nickie | 16:50 UK time, Monday, 25 June 2012

Make sure that you stay on top of schedule changes for the next fortnight...

In the meantime, here are some headlines...

Janine and Michael sit by the bedside of their baby daughter. Will she pull through? And are we seeing signs that Michael Moon might actually have a heart...?

Kim takes a trip down memory lane with Sasha and Morgan... but will revealing her top snogs of the 80s match Ray's childcare expectations?

New boy Joey comes to the rescue of Lucy... Is he simply helping out a damsel in distress? Or has he alighted upon a perfect way to get back at his bully boy Dad?

Have your say about these and more besides, in the comments section below...

Photo spoiler: Kat sets the ball rolling...

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 24 June 2012

Take a look at what's coming up in the week commencing 2nd July.

Kat's in her element! She kick-starts The Vic's footie team, having scored herself some of The Square's finest male specimens. And, of course, she can't help but have a flirt (or four). But will there be any foul play?

Kat, Derek, Max, Ray, Michael

Come back on Tuesday for some more juicy spoiler pics!

On Set With... David Witts

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Katy R | 12:00 UK time, Friday, 22 June 2012

We were lucky enough to hang out with the newest addition to the EastEnders cast this week. David Witts (AKA Joey Branning) chats to us about his arrival into the wonderful world of Walford and tells us how he'll feel seeing his (rather gorgeous) face on screen for the first time. 

He'll be in tonight's episode at 7.30 - you really don't want to miss it! Seriously, even the bees were attracted to him!

If you want a taste of what's to come - watch this vid now!


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Billy's Olympic Nightmare

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Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Friday, 22 June 2012

From Walford to Wembley, sporting legends will come to Billy Mitchell's aid during his Olympic Nightmare!

In a one-off exclusive Red Button episode of EastEnders, Billy (Perry Fenwick) comes face-to-face with a whole host of sporting legends and celebrities as part of a desperate race against time to fulfil his Olympic dream.

Hercules and Billy


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Writing and acting tips from EastEnders / E20 at the Hackney Academy

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Nickie | 18:56 UK time, Thursday, 21 June 2012

Do you dream of being a writer or actor? 

We went to the EastEnders & E20 Scriptwriting workshop at the BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra Hackney Academy to bring you tips and expert advice on how to achieve your dreams.

The workshop was run by EastEnders & E20 Writer and Actress Emer Kenny (Zsa Zsa), EastEnders Story Producer Deborah Sathe and E20 Assistant Producer Rajiv Nathwani.

... Joined by Himesh Patel (Tamwar), Tameka Empson (Kim) and Ricky Norwood (Fatboy) who acted out scripts that our talented workshoppers had written in the session (pics below). And gave advice to people like you who want to get your foot on the ladder.

Shall we begin?

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Schedule changes for fortnight beginning Monday 25 June

Nickie | 15:08 UK time, Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Make sure to keep checking this page and to share with your friends so that no one misses a single juicy moment of EastEnders due to schedule changes over the coming weeks...

Monday 25 June: 8-8.30pm
Tuesday 26 June: 7.30-8pm
Friday 29 June: 8-8.30pm

Monday 2 July: 8-8.30pm
Tuesday 3 July: 7.30-8pm
Weds 4 July: 8.30-9pm
Thu 5 July: 7.30-8pm
Fri 6 July: 8 - 8.30pm

See previous week's schedules here


Photo Spoilers: Knight in a black t-shirt

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hand out

Joey hates Derek - fact. When he finds out that daddy dearest is pilfering money from poor defenceless Lucy, he comes up with a plan to get her some dosh. What will Derek think of that!?

 Joey and Lucy

Hitting home

An overwhelmed Michael leaves the hospital and heads for home. After sitting up all night thinking about his new bride and sick baby, Ricky barges in and has a stern word with him (well, as stern as Ricky can be!).

Ricky and Michael

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Episode discussion for week starting 18 June

Nickie | 15:00 UK time, Monday, 18 June 2012

Janine's getting married in the morrrrning! Ding dong the bells are going to chiiiiime etc etc etc doop doo doo doo doo... Get her to the Square on time!

It's the wedding of the year - and Janine's determined that it's a day that everyone will remember. Will she get her wish? Or will it be a day she'd like everyone to forget?

Send us your comments about this week's eps. Plus don't forget, the schedules are up in the air because of the football. Details of the week's schedule changes here


Photo spoiler: Don't bank on it!

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 17 June 2012

Here's a look at what's to come in the week commencing 25th June...

With The Vic's financial difficulties getting worse by the minute, poor old Alfie is forced into wearing a 'normal' shirt for a meeting with his bank manager. Will he ever be able to forgive Michael for putting him in this position? And will he be able to convince Kat that eveything will be OK?

Alfie and Kat

There will be more photo spoilers up on Tuesday, so pop back and have a look!

EastEnders at the Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy in Hackney

Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Thursday, 14 June 2012

** There are a few places left at the EastEnders Q&A on Friday 22 June at the Hackney Picture House. You can book free tickets here**

Radio 1 and 1Xtra have announced their Radio 1 & 1Xtra Academy, which intends to find and nurture the next wave of young, creative talent in Hackney and the Olympic Boroughs of East London. And the good news is, we’ll be joining them!
Taking place in the Picturehouse from June 1 - 22, the Academy will feature workshops and masterclasses, Q&A sessions and panel discussions covering nine themes: Music, Radio, Business, Fashion, Film, Gaming/Software Engineering, Comedy, Journalism and Career Development. We’ll be there running scriptwriting workshops, demonstrating what makes good characters, stories and scripts.
Some of our cast will also be visiting the Academy throughout June, and will be taking part in the ‘Inspire’ panel sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to ask the questions they’ve been itching to ask...
The Academy is a partnership between Radio 1, 1Xtra and BBC Learning and our workshops form part of EastEnders’and EastEnders: E20’s on-going commitment to fostering new and emerging talent.
The full schedule of events, and details of how to apply for a place can be found here

Sounds like an amazing opportunity to us!


Schedule changes for week beginning 18 June

Nickie | 14:49 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2012

There are more schedule changes afoot thanks to the footie, but the good news is that alongside a half hour ep on Tuesday there will be two hour-long episodes this week!

That's two and a half hours of Walford magic. Hooray!

Monday 18 June : No EastEnders

Tuesday 19 June: 7.00pm - 7.30pm on BBC One

Wednesday 20 June: 8pm-9pm on BBC One

Friday 22 June: 7.30pm - 8.30pm on BBC&;One

This is all now fully confirmed.

And the following fortnight's are....

Monday 25 June: 8-8.30pm
Tuesday 26 June: 7.30-8pm
Friday 29 June: 8-8.30pm

Monday 2 July: 8-8.30pm
Tuesday 3 July: 7.30-8pm
Weds 4 July: 8.30-9pm
Thu 5 July: 7.30-8pm
Fri 6 July: 8 - 8.30pm

In the meantime, here's a juicy peek at what to expect...

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See following fortnight's schedules here

Photo spoilers: Bride to be or not to be...

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Katy R | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 12 June 2012

...that is the question!

During Ricky's Shakespearian reading, Michael drags Janine away from the alter (come on, it can't be that bad!?). Can what he needs to tell her not wait until after the wedding!?

Ricky, Janine and Michael

Abi in the middle...

As awkward moments go, this one has got to be up there with the best of 'em! Jay forces Abi to show Tanya her engagement ring. How will Tanya react - inmfact, how will Max react!?

Jay, Abi and Tanya

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Episode discussion for week starting 12 June

Nickie | 17:00 UK time, Monday, 11 June 2012

Warning! There are only two episodes of EastEnders this week - Tuesday 12 June at 7.30pm and Thursday 14 June at 7.30pm. But there's a whole lot of concentrated goodness in there...

Questions are popped. What will the answers be??

Derek shamelessly pursues frightened Lucy. And that's not the only trouble he's stirring.

Kat restakes her claim on Alfie. Will Roxy get the message?

And more...

Get your chat on about this week's EastEnders in the comments section below.

And stay on top of schedule changes...

Easties: Bad Penny

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Rob Francis | 14:30 UK time, Monday, 11 June 2012

Welcome to the very first in a semi-regular series of cartoon capers featuring the residents of Walford, E20. Created by one of our storyliners, Ed Sellek, Easties takes a tongue-in-cheek look at life on the Square.

Easties: Bad Penny


Let us know what you think, and be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for the second strip - in which Dot and Fatboy have a magical encounter!

Photo spoiler: From groom to doom

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Katy R | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 10 June 2012

Here's a look at the week commencing 18th June...

The wedding's off!! Uh oh. Janine tells Michael she's cancelling the whole thing and he sees red. He barges into The Vic and heads for Jean, who he blames wholeheartedly. Luckily for her Jack and Ray are having none of it (check out those arms!) and force him back onto the street and into the gutter. Will this low moment in Mr Moon's life force him to reconsider his future?

Jack, Michael and Ray

Check back on Tuesday for more pics!

TVChoice Awards - reminder to vote!

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Katy R | 12:45 UK time, Thursday, 7 June 2012

We have just over one week to go until the long list closes for this year's TV Choice Awards!

You can vote online here

Here's a quick reminder about  who's in the running to win:

Best Soap Actor

Nitin Ganatra (Masood Ahmed),

Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell)

Shane Richie (Alfie Moon)

Best Soap Actress

Jo Joyner (Tanya Branning)

Charlie Brooks (Janine Butcher)

Lindsey Coulson (Carol Jackson)

Best Soap Newcomer

Jamie Foreman (Derek Branning)

Chucky Venn (Ray Dixon)

Tony Discipline (Tyler Moon)

Best Soap



Is Kat over the Moon?

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Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Not only is Kat back in Walford on Thursday 7th June - but she's about to embark in one of EastEnders' biggest storylines this summer!



The Vic's lovable landlady is back behind the bar, but rather than return to a harmonious marriage with Alfie, she soon feels like the spark has fizzled out of her relationship.
Kat tries her best to get some quality time alone with Mr Moon, but he doesn't seem to realise that Kat wants the passion back in their relationship. When Kat doesn't get the attention at home, she finds it hard to resist the temptation to play away when someone else showers her with affection. Kat knows that she has a made a huge own-goal and is ridden with guilt, but even though she desperately tries to call off her affair, she finds her mystery lover impossible to resist.
This long-running storyline will start on screen next month and will leave the audience guessing who Kat's lover could be. There are at least five names in the frame, including a hat-trick Branning brothers! Viewers will be left guessing who Kat's mystery man is, as will the cast and crew. To make sure that the secret is not leaked before the mystery man's identity is revealed, all scenes with Kat's mysterious lover are being filmed with an extra.
Lorraine Newman, Executive Producer revealed, "The consequences are not only great for Kat and Alfie, but also for each individual suspect. The audience will join the cast and crew guessing across the summer and autumn as we eliminate the suspects one at a time, leading to one almighty explosion."

So, who's in the frame?:
Ray Dixon

Currently in a relationship with Kim Fox. Ray had a previous relationship with Bianca years ago and recently found out that he is Morgan's father. Ray is currently the chef in The Vic and his flirty banter has had Kim amongst others in a spin.
Michael Moon

Due to wed Janine Butcher, who is currently pregnant with his child. Michael and Kat have previously had an affair - which led to Tommy Moon. Although Michael has nothing to do with his son, it's possible he still carries a torch for Kat.
Max Branning

Currently living with his ex-wife Tanya and their 3 children. Max has a history of affairs, his most notorious one being with his daughter-in-law Stacey. Although Max seems happy with being back with Tanya, things in the bedroom aren't quite back to normal. Can he ever say no?
Derek Branning

The eldest of the Branning brothers. Derek hasn't had a relationship since he arrived in Walford and knowing Kat likes to live life on the edge, could he be the smooth criminal to put the spark back into her life?
Jack Branning

The sexiest man in soapland has been on the single market for some time since he got divorced from Ronnie. Kat and Jack have always got on well, especially since she was sympathetic to Jack's cause when they realised the truth about Ronnie snatching Tommy - who Jack believed to be his son, James. Jack used to be a womaniser, even sleeping with Ronnie's sister, Roxy, when they split up. Jack will no doubt be up for it.

Like our coverage of the 'Who's Stalking Phil' storyline before Christmas, The official Eastenders website will be following the mystery closely, with plenty of bonus content. But are we out to give you some clues - or red herrings?!

Jubilee episode discussion for week starting Tues 5 June

Nickie | 17:00 UK time, Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Yes! It's the Jubilee edition of this week's episode discussion starting on Tuesday 5 June because there is no EastEnders on Monday 4 June - keep up to speed with schedule changes over the coming weeks.

For a quick guide - this week EastEnders is on Tuesday (7.30pm), Wednesday (8-9pm)(!), Thurs (7.30pm) and Friday (8pm).

And the main headline is... KAT'S BAAAAAAACKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not a moment too soon.... for Jean... maybe not for Roxy... Are you glad to have her back?

If you like your breakfast with a side order of fake eyelash, make your way down to Kim's Palace. Would you stay a night in Walford's premier B&B?

Masood gets into the Jubilee spirit and goes down on one knee! Can Zee and Mas finally put the past behind them?

And while romance blossoms for Mas and Zainab. Can Afia and Tamwar salvage their marriage?

Plus Lucy struggles alone - where is Ian??

Discuss these topics and anything that springs to mind about this week's episodes in the comments section below.

Don't forget to vote EastEnders in the TVChoice Awards

Photo spoilers: Ding dong! Two possible proposals?

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Nickie | 10:00 UK time, Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Thoroughly modern Tanya

Now then, now then, is this what we think it is? Is Tanya proposing to make an honest man of Max? At least we hope that's Max...

And what's this!? Is someone putting something in the Walford water?

Last week Mas and Zee, this week Tan and Max and... Jay and Abi next? Pardon us for saying , but Abi doesn't look as overjoyed as we'd be if the love of our teenage life went down on one knee for us...

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Did it Costa packet?

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Rob Francis | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 3 June 2012

Here's a quick look at what's to come in the week commencing 11th June...

Abi receives a scholarship to Costa Rica with her school, but when Jay finds out he's worried that she wants different things. Determined not to lose young Miss B, Jay proposes... but will Abi say yes?

Pardon us for saying, but Abi doesn't look as overjoyed as we'd be if the love of our teenage life went down on one knee for us...

AJ comes to town

Nickie | 00:01 UK time, Friday, 1 June 2012

He's carefree, he's a rebel, he's... the exact opposite of Zainab....

Masood's fun-loving younger brother is coming to town and something tells us that Zee won't be too pleased to see him...

Especially when trouble follows within moments of his arrival...

Played by Phaldut Sharma (previously Paul Sharma), AJ's a mechanic with the gift of the gab.

But as this free-spirit tries to reconnect with his family, Mas begins to wonder - why is he in Walford? What is he running from?

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